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Friends of OWSD

Friends of OWSD are women and men from developed and developing countries with at least an undergraduate degree (or equivalent experience) across all disciplines (including the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities), who are committed to promoting the objectives of OWSD and who are not eligible for the Affiliate or Full membership categories. Friends of OWSD are encouraged to engage with OWSD and its members through other support activities (mentoring, fundraising, networking, promoting).

To become a Friend of OWSD, please complete and submit our membership application. You will automatically be assigned to the Friends category if you do not meet the requirements for other types of OWSD membership.

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Lopes, Bruno

Country of origin: Brazil,
Currently in: Brazil

Jiménez Grande, María Asunción

Country of origin: Spain,
Currently in: Brazil

Janke, Chelsea

Country of origin: Australia,
Currently in: Australia

Zeleke, Sefiwsew

Country of origin: Ethiopia,
Currently in: Ethiopia

Svistoonoff, Sergio

Country of origin: Ecuador,
Currently in: France

Shobo, Adedamola

Country of origin: Namibia,
Currently in: Namibia

Adigwe, Agatha Onyinyechukwu

Country of origin: United States,
Currently in: United States

Collu, Gabriella

Country of origin: Italy,
Currently in: Switzerland

Santa Bárbara Ruiz, Paula

Country of origin: Spain,
Currently in: France

Srour, Aladdin

Country of origin: Egypt,
Currently in: Egypt

Damian, Ifeanyi

Country of origin: Nigeria,
Currently in: Nigeria

Pazhani, Ashwath

Country of origin: India,
Currently in: India

Simón Baile, Débora

Country of origin: Spain,
Currently in: Ecuador

Bogataj, Špela

Country of origin: Slovenia,
Currently in: Slovenia

Kholod, Olha

Country of origin: Ukraine,
Currently in: Ukraine

Akala, Joseph

Country of origin: Nigeria,
Currently in: Nigeria

Manirampa, Elisha

Country of origin: Burundi,
Currently in: Zimbabwe

Ritchie, Hannah

Country of origin: United Kingdom,
Currently in: United Kingdom

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