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Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World University of Port Harcourt (OWSD UNIPORT) set to train the Next Generation

July 23, 2021 to July 26, 2021






Computer Science Laboratory, Basic Building University of Port Harcourt
The organization of Women in Science for the Developing World, University of Port Harcourt Branch is organizing a 3-day  coding and robotics Bootcamp to encourage the girl child in STEMM.

As STEMM women devoted to the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Forestry & Wildlife, Agric Extension, Food and Nutrition, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Geology, Education Science, Library Science, Occupational Health and Safety, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Science Laboratory Technology, amongst others, much of our career has been built upon navigating many obstacles in male-dominated scientific fields, especially physical science. We were not opportune to have met many female heroines who have done what we dreamt of and are not going the keep this unpleasant narrative. The looming danger arising from the gender bias in many fields of science and physical science, in particular, has bequeathed concern to the entire globe. OWSD UNIPORT has resolved to, among the great vision of her parent body, capacitate, support, network, and unite women and girls to fully tap their potentials and reach their peak. Through our wide range of careers in STEMM, we are poised to offering girls and early career STEMM women, a chance to see a variety of phenomenal, strong, adventurous, and visionary women, connect them and nurture active mentoring. Unlike the popular perception of a scientist as ‘an older white man, wearing a lab coat, with frizzy hair and bubbling flasks of chemicals’, OWSD UNIPORT boasts of excellent, trendy, and fashionable scientists that are digital natives and are therefore able to attract and keep the young tech-savvy girls to STEMM.

In line with this lofty mission, they have just concluded a week-long Train-the-Trainers for her volunteering members in relevant fields. Volunteers are happy and excited to join forces to proactively change the story through a 3-Day ‘Coding and Robotics Boot Camp for Girls in Science’ programs across communities in Rivers state and will expand the gesture with the availability of funds.

The event, which promises to engage 30 high school girls in science drawn from Port Harcourt, Aluu, Choba, and Emohua communities, all in the Rivers state of Nigeria, takes off on Friday 22 July 2021 by 10 am at the Computer Science Laboratory in the Basic Building of The University of Port Harcourt.

The Planning Committee is ably chaired by Dr. Nkolika Nwazor with members as Prof. Leticia Onyejegbu, Mrs. Linda U. Oghenekaro, Prof. Mary Iwundu, Dr. Ugochi A. Okengwu, Mrs. Martha O. Musa, Dr. S. I. Orakwe, Dr. Ukamaka C. Orumie, and Mrs. K.A.S. Amadi-Raphael. All Officers and entire members of OWSD UNIPORT, as well as our male Champions, are well appreciated for their invaluable contributions to the successful execution of the plans.