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Sabrina Camargo

Country of origin: Brazil Currently in: Argentina, Buenos Aires General field of specialization: Physics
Academic Background


2009 Doctorate Physics
2005 Master Physics
2003 Undergraduate Physics
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I am a physicist with research experience in time series analysis and dynamical systems, with interests in epidemiological modeling problems, and brain activity. These kinds of problems pose questions that can only be addressed through an interdisciplinary approach. Pure theoretical models are not sufficient and data analysis is essential to the development of viable strategies and solutions. I am interested in problems that bring together theoretical and numerical aspects, including deterministic and stochastic models, following also numerical simulations and time series analysis from a nonlinear dynamics perspective. Currently, I am a Researcher Scientist at the Center for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences and Adjunct Professor at UNSAM.

Publications resulting from Research: 

S. Camargo, C. Anteneodo, Impact of rough potentials in rocked ratchet performance Physica A 495, 114 (2018)

C. Anteneodo, S. Camargo, R. O. Vallejos, Importance sampling with imperfect cloning for the computation of generalized Lyapunov exponents PRE 96, 062209 (2017)

F. C. Coelho, B. Durovni, V. Saraceni, C. Lemos, C. T. Codeço, S. Camargo, L. M. Carvalho, L. Bastos, D. Arduini, D. Villela, M. Armstrong, Sexual transmission causes a marked increase in the incidence of Zika in women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil International Journal of Infectious Diseases, v. 51, p. 128-132 (2016)

C. Codeco, O. Cruz, T. Riback, C. M. Degener, M. F. Gomes, D. Villela, L. Bastos, S. Camargo, V. Saraceni, M. C. F. Lemos, F. C. Coelho, InfoDengue: a nowcasting system for the surveillance of dengue fever transmission (2016)

M. Armstrong, A. Moindaini, S. Camargo, Tracking the Diffusion of Plurigaussian Simulations within Academia and into Industry: Retrospective Case-study on a Discovery in the Earth Sciences (2016)

S. Camargo, M. Riedl, C. Anteneodo, J. Kurths, T. Penzel, N. Wessel, Sleep apnea-hypopnea quantification by cardiovascular data analysis, Plos One 9, e107581 (2014)

S. Camargo, M. Riedl, C. Anteneodo, J. Kurths, N. Wessel, Diminished heart beat nonstationarities in congestive heart failure, Front. Physiol. 4, 107 (2013)

S. Camargo, S. M. Duarte Queirós, C. Anteneodo, Bridging stylized facts of financial market from heterogeneities on data, EPJB 86, 159 (2013)

S. Camargo, R. L. Viana, C. Anteneodo, Intermingled basins in coupled Lorenz systems, PRE 85, 036207 (2012)

S. Camargo, S. M. Duarte Queirós, C. Anteneodo, Nonparametric segmentation of nonstationary time series, PRE 84, 046702 (2011)

S. Camargo, S. R. Lopes, R. L. Viana, Extreme fractal structures in chaotic mechanical systems: riddled basins of attraction, Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Online), v. 246, p. 012001 (2010)

R. L. Viana, S. Camargo, R. F. Pereira, M. C. Vergés, S. R. Lopes, and S. E. de S. Pinto, Riddled basins in complex physical and biological systems, Journal of Computational Interdisciplinary Sciences v.1 n2, p.73-82 (2009)

R. F. Pereira, S. Camargo, S. E. de S. Pinto, S. R. Lopes, and R. L. Viana, Periodic-orbit analysis and scaling laws of intermingled basins of attraction in an ecological dynamical system, PRE 78, 056214 (2008)

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