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OWSD donors currently support two major fellowship programmes (PhD and Early Career), an awards programme, and OWSD membership and National Chapters. These programmes are continually expanding, and OWSD is also working to develop new activities (e.g. mentoring, training in science communications, travel to conferences, support for publications). In addition, OWSD can work with donors to develop new programmes to support women scientists from the developing world. We are particularly keen to 1) develop the OWSD network through the National Chapters, and 2) create links between academia and industry. If you are a donor interested in discussing the development of new opportunities with OWSD, please contact owsd [at]

Great strides have been made since OWSD was established in 1993, but there is still plenty of work to be done to ensure that women have equal access to a scientific education, can advance in their careers and participate fully in scientific leadership and decision-making roles. With your support, women’s ideas and their interests will be better represented when it comes to crucial decisions about sustainable development and other global challenges, and in the design and implementation of innovative tools and technologies. 

There are two ways to provide financial support to OWSD:

  • OWSD membership subscription (applicable to OWSD members only): OWSD does not require a membership subscription fee; however, if you are able, we suggest a one-time voluntary subscription payment of USD $100 (valid for life). Once you have completed this membership subscription, you can contribute any additional amount you wish by using the donation option at any time.
  • OWSD donations: Your donation will contribute to ongoing OWSD programmes.


OWSD donations are processed through PayPal. You can use your credit card via PayPal to make the donation, or do so directly from your PayPal account. Below, you'll be guided through a few simple steps that will take you to the OWSD PayPal form, offered through UNESCO. [OWSD is a programme unit of UNESCO.].


Please let us know if your contribution is an OWSD membership subscription or is a donation.


Please provide the full name under which you are registered as an OWSD member, as well as your membership ID if known (you can find this at the top of your membership profile on the OWSD website


Please indicate which programmes you would like your donation to go towards, or if you have no preference

Please let us know whether you would like to be listed as a donor in OWSD publications. If you don't want to appear, or if the name listed in the publications should be different from the name on the PayPal or credit card account that you will use, please check the relevant option

Please provide your name as you would like it to appear in OWSD publications.

NOTE: PayPal charges a fee of 2% to 4%, depending on your country. Therefore, OWSD will receive slightly less than the amount you enter in the form.


Please provide the full name associated with the PayPal or credit card account that you will use for the donation as well as your email address.

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