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Rashmi Koju

Country of origin: Nepal Currently in: Nepal, Bhaktapur General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
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2013 Master Other
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Current Research Activities

Engineering sciences

A Ph. D. student in Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China. Conducting research activities in the field of wastewater treatment using biological methods in the presence of toxic pollutants

Publications resulting from Research: 

• Rashmi Koju, Miao Shiyu, Bin Liang Bin, Dev Raj Joshi, Bai Yaohui, Ruiping Liu, Juihui. 2020 Transcriptional and metabolic response against hydroxyethane-(1,1-bisphosphonic acid) on bacterial denitrification by a halophilic Pannonibacter sp. strain DN. Chemosphere 252: 126478
• Rashmi Koju, Miao Shiyu, Jing Luo, Donglin Wang, Dev Raj Joshi, Bai Yaohui, Ruiping Liu, Huijuan Liu, Jiuhui Qu. 2020 Effects of 1-hydroxyethane-(1,1-bisphosphonic acid) on heterotrophic denitrification performance: Impact of denitrifying microbial communities variation. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020, 402: 126210.
• Rashmi Koju, Agni Dhakal, Sushila Gwachha, Dev Raj Joshi, Tiata Prasai Joshi, Sujen Man Shrestha, Adsorption od inorganic arsenic As(III) from aqueous solution by iron-manganese oxide, Scientific World, 2020,Pp 46.
• Tista Prasai Joshi, Gong Zhang, Rashmi Koju, Zhenglu Qi, Ruiping Liu, Huijuan Liu, Jiuhui Qu. 2017 The removal efficiency and insight into mechanism of para arsanilic acid adsorption on Fe-Mn framework. Science of Total Environment .601-602, 713-722.

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Higher Education Study

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