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Reem Obaydo

Country of origin: Syria Currently in: Syria, Aleppo General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
Academic Background


2020 Doctorate Chemical Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Chemical Sciences

Focused on green chemistry in pharmaceutical sciences, promoting climate action and conserving land and water resources. My research supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, and 13.

Research Keywords: 
sustainable development
green chemistry
Metal-drug complexes
Analytical /Environmental Chemistry
analytical methods

Publications resulting from Research: 

•"Green Electrochemical Sensing: Novel Ion-Selective Electrode Method for Precise Determination of Dimenhydrinate and its Metabolite along with Cinnarizine in Pharmaceutical and Plasma Samples" Journal of The Electrochemical Society, Volume 171, Number 5
Citation Shereen A. Boltia et al 2024 J. Electrochem. Soc. 171 057508
DOI 10.1149/1945-7111/ad4ba4

. Sarah S. Saleh, Reem H. Obaydo, Mohamed A. El Hamd, Yasmin Rostom, Dalia, "Guidelines for accurate application of green and white analytical concepts: Merits vs demerits with insights of significant milestones of assessment tools applied for antiviral," Microchemical Journal.

• H. Salem AlSalem, M. Saad Binkadem, S. Talal Al-Goul, Reem H. Obaydo, "Validated spectrofluorimetric method for the determination of netilmicin based on its interaction with o-phthalaldehyde/mercaptoethanol: Evaluation of the method’s greenness," Luminescence, Volume 39, e4644.

• Mohamed A. El Hamd, O.M. Soltan, K.S. Abdelrahman, A. Fouad, Sarah F. Saleh, Reem H. Obaydo, "Roth's switch-on fluoremetric probe for green tracking and quantifying of 1.4-dihydropyridine medication: Evaluation of greenness, whiteness, and blueness," Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volume 36, 101294.

Eman M. Morgan, Hayam M. Lotfy, Reem H. Obaydo, Yasmin M. Fayez, M. Abdelkawy, Shereen A. Boltia, "Whiteness and greenness assessment with efficacy evaluation of two UPLC systems applied for the quantification of cinnarizine and dimenhydrinate along with their toxic impurities," Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volume 36, 101225

• K.P. Kannaiah, Hemanth Kumar Chanduluru, Hayam M. Lotfy, Reem H. Obaydo, Mohamed A. El Hamd, "Integrative AQbD, up-to-date greenness, and whiteness tools for evaluation of a sustainable RP-HPLC method used for simultaneous separation of triple antihypertensive," Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volume 36, 101288.

Mohamed A. El Hamd, Marzough Aziz Albalawi, Hassanien Gomaa, Bassam Shaaban Mohammad, Rady F. Abdul-Kareem, Reem H. Obaydo, Wejdan T. Alsaggaf, Safaa F. Saleh, Manal A. Alossaimi, Mohamed A. Abdel-Lateef, "Ziziphus spina-christi Leaf-Derived Carbon Dots as a Fluorescence Nanosensor to Evaluate Rifaximin Antibacterial via Inner Filter Effect," Chemosensors, Volume 11, Issue 5, Page 275.

Hayam M. Lotfy, Reem H. Obaydo, C.K. Nessim, "Spider chart and whiteness assessment of synergistic spectrophotometric strategy for quantification of triple combination recommended in seasonal influenza," Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volume 32, 100980.

• Z. Kayali, Reem H. Obaydo, Amir Alhaj Sakur, "Spider diagram and sustainability evaluation of UV-methods strategy for quantification of aspirin and sildenafil citrate in the presence of salicylic acid," Heliyon, Volume 9, Issue 4.

Eman M. Morgan, Yasmin M. Fayez, Shereen A. Boltia, Reem H. Obaydo, M. Abdelkawy, Hayam M. Lotfy, "Spectrophotometric Resolution Methods for Determination of Dimenhydrinate and Cinnarizine in Presence of their Toxic Impurities," Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University, Volume 61, Issue 1, Page 6.

• RH Obaydo, DJ Al Zakri, AA Sakur, HM Lotfy, "Ultraviolet spectrophotometric methods for the determination of the minor component presented in fixed-dose pharmaceutical combinations through the last two decades (2000–2020)," Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 7, Pages 1-9.
• HM Lotfy, RH Obaydo, AA Sakur, "Evaluation of assay and in-vitro dissolution profile of certain fixed-dose combination using green analytical method," Annales Pharmaceutiques Françaises, Volume 79, Issue 1, Pages 3-15.
• AA Sakur, RH Obaydo, "PCCA Algorithm as a fingerprint resolution technique for the analysis of ciprofloxacin in the presence of its acid-induced degradation product," Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, Volume 13, Issue 12, Pages 5999-6006.
• DJ Al Zakri, RH Obaydo, AA Sakur, "New spectral resolution techniques for resolving and determining the components in binary fixed-dose combinations," Heliyon, Volume 5, Issue 10.
• RH Obaydo, A Alhaj Sakur, "Fingerprint spectrophotometric methods for the determination of co-formulated otic solution of ciprofloxacin and fluocinolone acetonide in their challengeable ratio," Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry.
• RH Obaydo, AA Sakur, "Spectrophotometric strategies for the analysis of binary combinations with minor component based on isoabsorptive point's leveling effect: An application on ciprofloxacin," Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Volume 219, Pages 186-194.
• RH Obaydo, AA Sakur, "A green analytical method using algorithm (PCCA) for extracting components’ contribution from severely overlapped spectral signals in pharmaceutical mixtures," Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, Volume 12, Issue 9, Pages 4332-4338.
• AA Sakur, RH Obaydo, "Sensitive spectrophotometric methods for Determination of zolmitriptan in bulk form and in tablets via complex formation with two sulphonphthalein acid dyes," International Journal of Academic Scientific Research, Volume 3, Issue 4.

• Book Chapters
• 2023: Hayam M. Lotfy, Sarah S. Saleh, Yasmin Rostom, Reem H. Obaydo, "Advanced Approaches in Green Univariate Spectrophotometric Methods," in Sustainable Approaches in Pharmaceutical Sciences, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Pages 157-215.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study
research in green chemistry: • role: lead researcher • contributions: dr. obaydo spearheads innovative projects focused on developing environmentally-friendly pharmaceutical testing methods. her research aims to reduce toxic waste and improve sustainability within the pharmaceutical industry. • impact: her work has led to the publication of numerous high-quality scientific papers and has contributed to global sustainability practices in pharmaceutical sciences. 2. academic teaching: • role: lecturer and department head • contributions: dr. obaydo teaches courses in analytical and food chemistry at ebla private university. she has developed a new curriculum that incorporates advanced analytical techniques and sustainable practices. • impact: her teaching methods have enhanced student engagement and learning outcomes, preparing the next generation of chemists to prioritize sustainability in their professional practices. 3. peer review: • role: peer reviewer for scientific journals • contributions: dr. obaydo reviews articles for prestigious journals in the field of chemistry, ensuring that only high-quality research is published. • impact: her expertise helps maintain and improve the standard of published research, influencing the global scientific community’s approach to green chemistry. 4. mentoring phd students: • role: phd supervisor and mentor • contributions: she co-supervises phd students, guiding their research in green and sustainable chemistry. • impact: dr. obaydo has successfully mentored numerous students, many of whom have gone on to receive awards and recognition for their research contributions.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2024 ejypt Basic Sciences and Sustainable Development,"
2024 syria Technological Solutions for Sustainable Development of Aquatic and Marine Biological Research

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