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Nicole Sharon Affrifah

Country of origin: Ghana Currently in: Ghana, Osu General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2004 Doctorate Other
1999 Master Other
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


• Product Development: using locally available, but underutilized ingredients to develop innovative and nutritious food products. • Processing: Identifying strategies to rationalize, modernize and introduce convenience into processing of traditional foods. • Food Safety: Risk assessment and mitigation. • Food Control: Impact of food regulations (food information) on consumer purchase decisions.

Publications resulting from Research: 

Affrifah, N.S., Amaditor, P., Saalia, F. K. and Sefa-Dedeh, S. 2020. Characterization of Peanut Pastes Sold on Selected Ghanaian Markets. Science and Development Journal.

Saalia, F. K., Amponsah, A. K., Asante, N. D., Owusu-Brafi, N. K., Amoa, B. B., Affrifah, N. S. and Sefa-Dedeh, S. 2016. Effects of corn steep water pre-treatment on the rheological and microstructural properties of Ga-kenkey. Journal of Food Process Engineering. 2017;40:e12521.

Affrifah, N.S. and Chinnan, M. S. 2006. The Effect of Drying Conditions on the Development of the Hard-To-Cook Defect in Steam-treated Cowpeas. International Journal of Food Science and Technology 41(8):867-877.

Affrifah, N.S., Chinnan, M. S. and Fang, C. 2006. Modeling the Thermal Inactivation of Phytase in Steamed Cowpea Seeds. LWT - Food Science and Technology 39(6) 598-604.

Affrifah N.S., Chinnan M.S. and Phillips R.D. 2004. Heat-Moisture Treatments of Cowpea Flour and their Effects on the Inactivation of Phytase. Journal of Food Science 70(2):98-103.

Phillips R.D., McWatters K.H., Chinnan M.S., Hung Y.C., Beuchat L.R., Sefa-Dedeh S., Sakyi-Dawson E., Ngoddy P., Nnanyelugo D., Enwere J., Komey N.S., Liu K.S., Mensa-Wilmot Y., Nnanna I.A., Okeke C., Prinyawiwatkul W. and Saalia F.K. 2003. Utilization of cowpeas for human food. Field Crops Research 82:193-213.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Responsible for developing content, preparing and delivering lectures, facilitating in-class discussions, developing assessments and providing feedback at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Providing mentoring and motivational guidance for undergraduate students. Supervision of research activities and management of grant funds

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