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Nidhi Agarwal

Country of origin: India Currently in: India, Ghaziabad General field of specialization: Social and Economic Sciences
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2009 Doctorate Social and Economic Sciences
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Social and Economic Sciences

Artificial intelligence is programmed on computers to depict human intelligence. It has created a huge hype and has evolved to revolutionize almost every profession including legal sector. New lawful simulated AI programming software like Ross intelligence and Catalyst along with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing give viable fight goals, better legitimate clearness, and better permission to justice and new difficulties to ordinary law firms offering legal assistance utilizing leveraged cohort correlate model. Also, AI enabled lawyer bots are performing tasks that normally requires human intellect and needs to be performed by lawyers. In such a situation, a question strikes- Will these lawyer bots replace human lawyers? This question becomes all the more important in the present scenario when the whole globe is facing challenges imposed by global pandemic “Covid 19”. How is COVID-19 going to change the justice delivery system, and what does it look like? Therefore, this study is conducted to evaluate the role of artificial intelligence in transforming the justice delivery system post Covid-19. The study tries to examine the various areas in which AI is affecting the legal profession, evaluate the extent of its impact on the legal employment, assess the tasks in legal sector which cannot be undertaken by AI, and discuss the legal issues in the implementation of AI. The study also suggests the way forward with regards to the future of legal sector to help practitioners and researchers.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Chandra, G., Gupta, R. and Agarwal, N. (2020). Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming the Justice Delivery System in COVID 19 Pandemic. International Journal on Emerging Technologies, 11(3): 344–350.

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Current profession

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Working as a Principal in Educational Institution guiding Pre-Service Teachers. Gen Secretary, Council for Teacher Education, Aiming to organise workshops, Conferences to promote Research in the field of Education. Editor-in-Chief, Globus Journal of Progressive Education;

Workshop and Conference Attended

2020 INDIA COVID 19: Coping Strategy for the Socio-Economic & Health Issues


Globus Publication

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Novel Technology & Job Opportunities after COVID 19
Rajasthan, INDIA
Event: Webinar on COVID 19 Pandemic
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Other Awards

Aug 2017
Women Empowerment Award
AGS society awarded me as we men empowerment award for my social work in my society and doing work in the field of education for society

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