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Sahar Al-Khasswneh

Country of origin: Jordan Currently in: Jordan, Irbid General field of specialization: Interdisciplinary
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2015 Doctorate Interdisciplinary
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


Applied science in Archaeology

Publications resulting from Research: 

• Al Khasawneh, S., Murray, A., Kafafi, Z., Petit, L. (2019) “Luminescence Dating of the Iron Age deposits from Tell Damiyah in the Jordan Valley”, Radiocarbon, Accepted
• al Khasawneh, S., Elserogy, A. (2019) “Conservation and restoration of church icon from Baptism museum, Jordan: Case study”, Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry 16 (3),127-134.
• al Khasawneh, S., Murray, Khalil, L. (2019). “OSL and pIRIR dating of a transitional Chalcolithic/Bronze Age site in Jordan’’, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, DOI: 10.1007/s12520-019-00813-8
• al Khasawneh, S., Murray, A. Thomsen, K., et al. (2019). “Dating a Near Eastern desert hunting trap (kite) using rock surface dating’’, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, DOI: 10.1007/s12520-018-0661-3.
• al Khasawneh, S., Murray, A., Abudanah, F. (2019) “A First Radiometric Chronology for the Khatt Shebib Megalithic Structure in Jordan using Luminescence Dating of Rock Surfaces”, Quaternary Geochronology 49, 205-210.
• al Khasawneh, S., Murray, A., Bourke, S., Bonatz, D. (2017) “Testing Feldspar Luminescence Dating of Young Archaeological Heated Materials Uing Potshards from Pella (Tell Tabqat Fahl) in the Jordan Valley.” Geochronometria 44, 98-110.
• al Khasawneh, S., Murray, A., Gebel, H., Bonatz, D. (2016) “First Application of OSL Dating to a Chalcolithic Well Structure in Qulbān Banĩ Murra, Jordan”, Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry 16 (3), 127-134.
• Freiesleben, T., Sohbati, R., Murray, A., Jain, M., Al Khasawneh, S., Hvidt, S., & Jakobsen, B. (2015). Mathematical model quantifies multiple daylight exposure and burial events for rock surfaces using luminescence dating. Radiation Measurements, 81, 16-22.
• al Khasawneh, S., Murray, A., Bonatz, D., & Freisleben, T. (2015). Testing the application of post IR IRSL dating to Iron-and Viking-age ceramics and heated stones from Denmark. Quaternary Geochronology , 30, 386-391.
• Al Khasawneh, S. (2009) “Dose Rate Calibration of Sr-90 for Thermoluminescence Dating Using the Additive Dose Method”, ABHATH AL-YARMOUK:" Basic Sci. & Eng." Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 139-146.
• al Khasawneh, S., al-Muheisen, Z., Abd-Allah, R. (2010) “Thermoluminescence Dating of Pottery Objects Excavated from Tell AL-Husn, Northern Jordan” Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 41‐49

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