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Ghanya Naji Al-Naqeb

Country of origin: Yemen Currently in: Italy, Trento General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
OWSD Award
Academic Background


2009 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences

Development and Nutrigenomics study of Yemeni herbs as anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic agents.

Research Keywords: 
Nutrition and Health

Publications resulting from Research: 

Patent Filed :

1-Maznah Ismail and Ghanya Al-Naqeep. Cardioprotective Effects of Nutraceuticals Isolated From Nigella Sativa Seeds. PI 20084285.

2-Maznah Ismail and Ghanya Al-Naqeep,. Extraction of fixed oil and thymoquinone rich fraction (TQRF). PI 20084925.

Scientific Paper (Publications)

1- Matthew Picklo, Jana Rousova,Alena Kubatova and Ghanya Al-Naqeb. Pulicaria jaubertii Extract Prevents Triglyceride Deposition in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes. The FASEB Journalvol. 29 no. 1 Supplement 924.19 April 2015

2.Aziza Taj Al- Deen and Ghanya Al-Naqeb. Hypoglycemic effect and in vitro antioxidant activity of methanolic extract from Argel (Solenostemma Argel) Plant. International Journal of Herbal Medicine 2014; 2 (2): 126-129.

3.Mohd Alfazari Mohd Ghazali1, AN Ghanya, KS Kesavanarayanan, Mizaton Hazizul Hasan, Aishah Adam Apoptosis Induction by Polygonum Minus Is Related to Antioxidant Capacity, Alterations in Expression of Apoptotic-Related Genes and S-Phase Cell Cycle Arrest in Hepg2 Cell Line. BioMed Research International Volume 2014, Article ID 539607, 13 pages

4.R K Wesam, A N Ghanya, H H Mizaton, M Ilham and A. L. Aishah. Assessment of Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of Standardized Aqueous Extract from Leaves of Erythroxylum Cuneatum in Human HepG2 and WRL68 Cells Line. Asian Pac J Trop Med. 2013 6(10):811-6.

5. Aziza Taj Al- Deen, Ghanya Al-Naqeb and Qais Al-Maqtari. Potential antioxidants and antibacterial from Dodonaea viscose, Fragaria x ananassa duch and Vernonia amygdalina leaves. University of Aden Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 17, 2013.

6. John CM, Ramasamy R, Al Naqeeb G, Dhiab Al-Nuaimi AH, Adam A. Enhanced CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells with splenic proliferation and protection against oxidative stress by nicotinamide in gestational diabetes. Curr Med Chem. 2012 Aug 16.

7.C.M. John, R. Ramasamy, G. Al Naqeeb, A.H.D. Al-Nuaimi3 and A. Adam, Nicotinamide Supplementation Protects Gestational Diabetic Rats by Reducing Oxidative Stress and Enhancing Immune Responses. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2012, 19, 5181-5186.

8.Mohd Aidil Azahar, Ghanya Al-Naqeb, Mizaton Hasan, Aishah Adam. Hypoglycemiceffect of Octomelessumatranaaqueousextract in streptozotocin–induced diabetic rats and its molecular mechanisms. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine (2012)875-881.

9.Ismail Norsharina, Ismail Maznah, Al-Absi Aie and Al-Naqeeb Ghanya. Thymoquinone rich fraction from Nigella sativaand thymoquinone are cytotoxic towards colon and leukemic carcinoma cell lines. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 5(15), pp. 3359–3366, 4 August, 2011.

10.Ghanya Al-Naqeb, Maznah Ismail, Gururaj Bagalkotkar, Hadiza Adamu. Vanillin rich fraction regulates LDLR and HMGCR genes expression in HepG2 cells. Food Research International. Food Research International 43 (2010) 2437–2443.

11.Maznah Ismail, Ghanya Al-Naqeep and Kim Wei Chan. Nigella sativa thymoquinone-rich fraction greatly improves plasma antioxidant capacity and expression of antioxidant genes in hypercholesterolemic rats. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Volume 48, Issue 5, 1 March 2010, Pages 664-672.

12.Maznah Ismail, Ghanya Al-Naqeeb, Wan Abd Aziz bin Mamat and Zalinah Ahmad. Gamma-oryzanol rich fraction regulates the expression of antioxidant and oxidative stress related genes in stressed rat's liver. Nutrition & Metabolism 2010, 7:23doi:10.1186/1743-7075-7-23.

13.Ghanya Al-Naqeep, Adel S. Al-Zubairi, Maznah Ismail, Zulkhairi Hj Amom and Norhaizan Mohd Esa. Anti-atherogenic potential of Nigella sativa seeds and Oil in Diet Induced Hypercholesterolemia in Rabbits. Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 10.1093/ecam/neq071, eCAM 2010;Page 1 of 9 doi:10.1093/ecam/neq071.

14.Abdalbasit Adam Mariod, Ghanya AL-Naqeeb and Maznah Ismail. Monechma Ciliatum Extract Regulates Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor and 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase Genes Expression By In Hepg2 Cells. African Journal of biotechnology. African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 9(36), pp. 5813-5819, 6 September, 2010.

15.Ghanya Al-Naqeep, Maznah Ismail and Zeenathul Allaudin. Regulation of Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor and 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase Genes Expression by Thymoquinone Rich Fraction and Thymoquinone in HepG2 Cells. J Nutrigenet Nutrigenomics 2009; 2:163–172.DOI: 10.1159/000227264.

16.Ghanya Al-Naqeep and Maznah Ismail. Effects of Thymoquinone Rich Fraction and Thymoquinone on plasma lipoprotein level and hepatic low-density lipoprotein receptor and 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase gene expression. Journal of Functional Foods Volume 1, Issue 3, 2009, Pages 298-303.

17.Ghanya Al-Naqeep and Maznah Ismail. Regulation of Apolipoprotien A-1 and Apolipoprotien B100 Genes by Thymoquinone Rich Fraction and Thymoquinone in HepG2 Cells. Journal of Food Lipids, Volume 16, Number 2, May 2009 , pp. 245-258(14).

18.Latifah Saiful Yazan, Wei Keat Ng, Ghanya Al-Naqeeb, Maznah Ismail Cytotoxicity of Thymoquinone (TQ) from Nigella sativa Towards Human Cervical Carcinoma Cells (HeLa). Journal of Pharmacy Research. 2009, 2(4), 585-589.

19.Al-Naqeep, G.N., M.M. Ismail, A.S. Al-Zubairi and N.M. Esa, 2009. Nutrients composition and minerals content of three different samples of Nigella sativa L. cultivated in yemen. Asain J. Biol. Sci., 2: 43-48.

20.Al-Naqeeb, G., M. Ismail and A.S. Al-Zubairi, 2009. Fatty acid profile, α-tocopherol content and total antioxidant activity of oil extracted from Nigella sativa seeds. Int. J. Pharmacol.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Teaching Subjects Biochemistry Functional Foods Preventive Nutrition Introdcution to Human Nutrition Diet Planing Food Processing and Preservation Ice cream dairy technology Supervising students 8 master students as a co-supervisor Final project for undergardute student as a main supervisor

Prizes, Grants and Awards

OWSD Awards

Feb 2016
OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Award for Early Career Women Scientists
For her research using chemicals isolated from Yemeni herbal plants for disease prevention. A major focus of Dr. Al-Naqeb's work has been black cumin seeds, which are commonly used as a spice in Yemen, other Middle Eastern countries and India. Her research on these seeds has focused on their effects in protecting the heart from cardiovascular disease.
OWSD 6th General Assembly certificate: download

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