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Reem Alariqi

Country of origin: Yemen Currently in: Yemen, Sana,a General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
Academic Background


2021 Doctorate Biological Systems and Organisms
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Biological Systems and Organisms

I employed in Pseudomonas aeruginosa , gene expression studies, antibiotic resistance, Hypothetical protein

Publications resulting from Research: 

NCBI submission▪We submitted the16SrRNA of new strain PAHMU2019 apart of my PhD .Project work which was about “Transcriptomic analysis of new strain PAHMU2019 under antibiotic stress Accession No.MT048531
1-Nagi Al-Haj*, Alariqi Reem, Hassan Al-Shamahy, Khaled Al-Moyed, Saleh S. Bahaj, Ammar Jaber. Antimicrobial Activity of Five Yemeni Medicinal Plants against elected Human Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi.2019. American Journal of Plant Sciences
2-Victorine-Raïssa Ngo Nkondjock,*, Ying Li,*, Cheteu Wabo Thérèse Martin and Alariqi Reem. Rural and Urban Population Differences in the Association of Dietary Calcium with Blood Pressure and Hypertension Occurrence: Analysis of Longitudinal
Data from the China Health and Nutrition Survey.2020.Mulidisciplinary Scientific Journal. doi:10.3390/j3010009
3-Maged Almezgagi, Yu Zhang, Fadhl Al-shaebi, Mueataz A. Mahyoub, Alariqi Reem, INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE: CLINICAL FEATURES AND MANIFESTATIONS BEYOND THE BOWEL, Universal Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2020; 5(3):68-74. DOI:
5-Mohammed Ali Alshahethi1, Wadhah Hassan Edrees, , Wadee Abdullah Al-Shehari4 , Alariqi Reem, DISTRIBUTION AND RISK FACTORS FOR GIARDIA LAMBLIA AMONG CHILDREN AT AMRAN GOVERNORATE, YEMEN, Universal Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2020; 5(3):34-37. DOI:
6-Amatalkhaliq Abdullah Gobara'a7, Alariqi Reem, Wadhah Hassan Edrees, Wadee Abdullah Al-Shehari. PREVALENCE OF RUBELLA IGG ANTIBODIES AMONG PRODUCTIVE-AGE WOMEN IN AL-MAHWEET GOVERNORATE, YEMEN, Universal Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2020; 5(4):28-32. DOI:
7-Elham Zeehrah1_ Alariqi Reem1 Khaled A. Al-Moyed1 Amatalkhaliq AbdullahGobara'a2 Wadee Abdullah Al-Shehari2 Dekra El-Aghbary1 AbdulHafeez A. Al-Selwi1. Association of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Hepatitis B Virus Genotypes
in Sana’a city – Yemen, J Med Biomed App Sci. 8 (12), 554�563 (2020) . DOI:

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