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Divya Arora

Country of origin: India Currently in: India, Delhi General field of specialization: Physics
Academic Background


2015 Master Physics
2013 Undergraduate Physics
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


Ph.D in Nuclear Physics

Publications resulting from Research: 

Measurement of neutron multiplicity to investigate the role of entrance channel parameters on
nuclear dissipation.
N. K. Rai, A. Gandhi, Ajay Kumar, N. Saneesh, M. Kumar, G. Kaur, A. Parihari, D. Arora, K. S.
Golda, A. Jhingan, P. Sugathan, T. K. Ghosh, Jhilam Sadhukhan, B. K. Nayak, Nabendu K. Deb,
S. Biswas and A. Chakraborty.
Phys. Rev. C 100, 014614 (2019)

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Ph.D in Nuclear Physics Inter University accelerator Center New Delhi India

Workshop and Conference Attended

15 th -21 st July, 2019 Inter University Accelerator Centre, Delhi-110067 School on nuclear reactions
11 February - 2 March, 2019 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata. SERB school on nuclear astrophysics
10 th - 14 th December 2018 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai. DAE international symposium on nuclear physics
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Jan 2017
Counsil of Scientific and Industrial Research-University Grants Commission fellowship for PHD
The fellowship grands have been awarded based on an all India exam where i scored a national rank of 72.

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