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Oluwayemisi Foluke Jonathan Awofadeju

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: Nigeria, Ibadan General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2012 Master Agricultural Sciences
2008 Undergraduate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

Researching into new product development (NPD) focusing on plant protein, isolation of protein / extraction, protein structure and modification, functional foods and physicochemical behavior of underutilized and neglected forest fruits as well as honey bees products

Publications resulting from Research: 

Awofadeju Oluwayemisi Foluke Jonathan and Olapade Adekunle Abiodun 2020: Nutritional and sensory evaluation of wheat-maize cookies enriched with African walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) seed protein isolate. Croatian Journal of Food Technology, Biotechnology and Nutrition vol 15 (1-2) pp 55-65

Awofadeju, O. F. J. 2020: Evaluation of Protein Quality in Blends Prepared from Commercial Wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Yellow Maize Flours (Zea mays) and African Walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) Protein Isolate. European Modern Studies Journal vol. 4(1), 113-129. ISSN 2522-9400

Awofadeju, O. F. J., Awe, A. B., Adewumi, O. J., Ogidan, E. A., Ojo, A. F., Oyewumi, R. O. and Godson B. 2018: Physicochemical, Nutritional and Consumers Acceptability of Bread made from Wheat Flour Enriched with African Walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) Seed Flour. Journal of Forestry Research and Management vol. 15(3): 184-194

Awofadeju J. O. F., Awe A.B., Adewumi O. J., Adeyemo, E.A. and Awofadeju J. O. H 2017: Comparative Evaluation of Free Radical Scavenging Potential of Garlic (Allium sativum) and Garlic Enriched Bread Spread. Journal of Forestry Research and Management vol. 12 pp. 36-44.

Awofadeju, O. F., Awe, A. B., Adewumi, O. J., Amadi, B. O. and Oluwatoke, F. O. 2015: Nutritional and Organoleptic Evaluation of Cookies Produced from Wheat Flour and African Walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) flour blends. Elixir International Journal of Food Science 86: 34898-32900.

Awe, A. B., Awofadeju, O. F., Adewumi, O. J. and Ogidan, E. A. 2018: Influence of Coconut Inclusion on the Physical, Nutritional and Sensory Properties of Bread. International Journal of Applied Research and Technology 7(11): 47 52.

Adelakun, O. E., Olanipekun, B. F., Akingbaso, O. F. and Adikhar B. M. 2016: Effect of Fermentation and Variety on Quality Attributes of Okra Seed (Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench) flour. Donnish Journal of Food Science and Technology vol. 3(1) pp. 001-006

Awe, A.B., Awofadeju, J.O.F., Adewunmi, O.J., Oluwatoke, F.O., Amadi, B.O. 2015: Effect of Moist Heat on the Nutritional and Phytochemical Constituents of Tetracarpidium Conophorum. Elixir International Journal of Food Science 84: 33882-33885

Awofadeju J. O. F., Awe A.B., Adewumi O.J. and Adeyemo, E.A. 2017: Influence of Substituting Sucrose with Date Palm Fruit Powder on the Nutritional and Organoleptic Properties of Bread. 5th International Conference on Natural Resources Development Utilization, Abuja, Nigeria. Page 30

Awe, A.B., Awofadeju, J.O.F., Adewunmi, O.J., Adeyemo, E.A. and Adeleke, T. O. 2017: Comparative nutritional and anti- nutritional analyses of the nuts of arachis hypogeal and terminalia catappa. Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference of the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan. Page 462 - 468.

Ajayi, O.B., Oladimeji, O.O., Adegoke, O.A., Awofadeju, J.O.F. and Olanrewaju, C.M. 2017: Consumption Pattern of Food away from Home among Households in Ogbomoso metropolis, Oyo State. Proceedings of the 9th Annual Conference of the institute of Ecology and Environmental Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, Volume 9 pp 40-51.

Ojo A.R, Areghan S.E. and Awofadeju J.O.F. 2014: Assessment of Importance of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) on Food Security and Poverty Alleviation. Association of Women in Forestry and Environment (AWIFE), 3rd Annual Conference, 2014 pp 122

Omidiran, M.O, Adejoba A.L, Awofadeju J.O.F. and Ayoola O.A. 2014: Nutritional and heavy metal composition of Parkia biglobosa (jacq) benth of Hausa and Yoruba. 2nd International Conference 2014 U6 Consortium

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 

Workshop and Conference Attended

2019 International institute of tropical agriculture (IITA), and Department of Food Technology, University of Ibadan Nigeria. Workshop


University of Ibadan

Presentation given

Converting cassava leaves into marketable food ingredients. A bioeconomy-based approach for improving livelihood and nutrition in Nigeria and sub-saharan Africa
Event: Workshop
Phytochemical screening, antioxidant properties and microbial indices of extracts from propolis collected in Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria and potential value of African walnut seed to national industrial development: A mini review

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