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Asmaa Kamel Bahgaat

Country of origin: Egypt Currently in: Egypt, Cairo General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


1997 Undergraduate Agricultural Sciences
2010 Master Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

Pollution is a serious problem for human health and the environment. Therefore, studies have tended to address this problem by using some materials available in the environment, such as clay minerals and natural zeolite. Due to the unavailability of the natural zeolite in the Egyptian lands and its high price. The aim of my study was to synthesize a type of synthetic zeolite from Egyptian kaolin, Wadi Hagul - Suez, as it is available in abundance and inexpensively. Where the synthetic zeolite - Y was synthesized successfully and was used in the remediation of wastewater and soil contaminated with some heavy metals.

Research Keywords: 
1- Clay minerals; Kaolinite; Hydrothermal reactions; Calcination; Zeolization; Zeolites; Remediation
2- Egyptian synthetic zeolite-Y
Adsorption isotherms
Kinetic models
Distribution coefficient.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1- Bahgaat, A. K., Abdel Karim, A., Melegy, A. A., & Hassan, H. E. S. (2020). Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolite-Y from natural clay of Wadi Hagul, Egypt. Egyptian Journal of Chemistry, 63(10), 2-3.

2- Bahgaat, A. K., Hassan, H. E. S., Melegy, A. A. A., & Mohamed, M. H. (2020). Removal of Cd2+ from aqueous solution by zeolite synthesized from Egyptian kaolin. Ukrainian Journal of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, 3(2), 12-23.

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