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Lina María Caballero Villalobos

Country of origin: Colombia Currently in: Germany, Freising General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
Academic Background


2020 Doctorate Biological Systems and Organisms
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Biological Systems and Organisms

I am currently a Postdoctoral visitor at the Section of Population Genetics TUM (Germany). I am the founder and leader of Parent in Science Colombia, a research group whose objective is to support researchers in the challenging conciliation of motherhood and academia. Specifically, the group focuses on promoting public policies that increase the participation and retention of Colombian women in STEM, particularly early-career scientists and mothers. Lina is also the leader of WELA (Women Editors in Latin America).

Publications resulting from Research: 

Caballero-Villalobos L, Silva-Arias GA, Turchetto C, Giudicelli GC, Petzold E, Bombarely A, Freitas LB. 2021. Neutral and adaptive genomic variation in hybrid zones of two ecologically diverged Petunia species (Solanaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 196: 100–122.
Caballero-Villalobos L, Fajardo-Gutiérrez F, Calbi M, Silva-Arias GA. 2021. Climate change can drive a significant loss of suitable habitat for Polylepis quadrijuga, a treeline species in the sky islands of the northern Andes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9, 298.
Caballero-Villalobos L, Silva-Arias GA, Buzatto CR, Nervoa MH, Singer RB. 2017. Generalized food-deceptive pollination in four Cattleya (Orchidaceae: Laeliinae) species from Southern Brazil. Flora 234: 195-206.
DM Rodrigues, L Caballero-Villalobos, C Turchetto, R Assis Jacques, et al. 2018. Do we truly understand pollination syndromes in Petunia as much as we suppose? AoB Plants 10 (5), ply057.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study
My research work aims fundamental questions about the influence of ecological, landscape features and changes in the environment on the genetic differentiation in natural populations and speciation processes. I am devoted to the integration of ecology and genomics to assist biodiversity conservation planning in critical ecosystems and to get new insights about evolutionary processes that shape current biodiversity patterns in the Neotropics. I am the founder and leader of Parent in Science Colombia, an interdisciplinary research group aimed at supporting researchers in the challenging conciliation of motherhood and academia and promoting public policies to increase the participation - and retention - of women in STEM. Also, I am the founder of WELA (Women Editors in Latin America), a platform that combines bioinformatics and science communication to promote and increase gender equality in scientific publications. I aim to promote workplace equality and increase the retention of women in STEMM fields in Latin America, in particular, early-career scientists, mothers, and minorities. I am passionate about promoting women in STEM and advocating the visibility of women in science


Parent in Science Colombia
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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Other Awards

Dec 2012
Master’s scholarship Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) and Grupo Coimbra de Universidades Brasileras
Scholarship for master studies

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