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Veronica Castro Aceituno

Country of origin: Guatemala Currently in: Korea, Republic of, Seoul General field of specialization: Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
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2018 Doctorate Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
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Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology

Study of p53 isomers in Drosophila melanogaster and study of DNA damage induced by IR.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
• Plan experiment according to the proposed hypothesis to determinate: o The tetramerization process of p53 protein at in vitro and in vivo (Drosophila S2 cells and Drosophila Melanogaster respectively) o Carry out the experiments following standard and modified methods according to the specific requirements for each one of them o Analyze data obtained for each experiment using the correct approach and decide the next step follow • Laboratory management. Monitoring compliance with the LMO rules and safety, fix/calibrate/maintain critical equipment, ordering of laboratory reagents, preparer laboratory grant documentation • Team work to obtaining funding by collaborating with the currently PI