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Paula Chaves da Silva

Country of origin: Brazil Currently in: United States, Waltham, MA General field of specialization: Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
Academic Background


2014 Doctorate Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
2011 Master Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology

Postdoctoral Researcher/Adjunct Lecturer at Center for Integration of Science and Industry at Bentley University Paula Chaves da Silva, PhD, is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Integration of Science and Industry at Bentley University. She obtained both her PhD and her MS in Morphological Sciences from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). During her doctorate internship, Dr. Chaves da Silva worked with adult neurogenesis and neurodegenerative events at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA. In her first post-doctoral role, Dr. Chaves da Silva studied therapeutic strategies to treat neurodegenerative disorders from both basic research and clinical approaches. She obtained a certification in Neurofunctional Physical Therapy from Instituto de Neurologia Deolindo Couto – UFRJ, focusing on strength training in people with Parkinson’s Disease. As a National Science Foundation (NSF) supported Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Neuroscience Department at Wellesley College, Dr. Chaves da Silva managed a project on the relationship between adult neurogenesis and the immune system. Starting at Bentley University in September 2021, her current research focuses on health value created by biopharmaceutical companies, which includes the societal impact of pharmaceutical activity.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. CHAVES DA SILVA, P.G., BELTZ, B.S. Direct and indirect effects of serotonin on neurogenesis. In preparation.

2. HOLLMANN, G., CHAVES DA SILVA, P. G., LINDEN,R., ALLODI, S. Cell proliferation in the central nervous system of an adult semiterrestrial crab. Accepted. Cell and Tissue Research. 2021
DOI: 10.1007/s00441-021-03413-y

3. CHAVES DA SILVA, P. G., HSU, K., BENTON, J. L., BELTZ, B. S., ALLODI, S. A balancing act: The immune system supports neurodegeneration and neurogenesis. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. 2020

4. CHAVES DA SILVA, P.G; DOMINGUES, D.D; DE CARVALHO, L.A., ALLODI, S., CORREA, C.L. Neurotrophic factors in Parkinson's disease are regulated by exercise: Evidence-based practice. Journal of the Neurological Sciences, v. 2, p. 5-15, 2016.

5. CHAVES DA SILVA, P.G, ABREU, I. S., Cavalcante, LA, De Barros, C.M, ALLODI, S.

Role of hemocytes in invertebrate adult neurogenesis and brain repair. Invertebrate Survival Journal. 2015.

6. CHAVES DA SILVA, P. G, BENTON, JEANNE L., SANDEMAN, DAVID C., BELTZ, BARBARA S. Adult Neurogenesis in the Crayfish Brain: The Hematopoietic Anterior Proliferation Center Has Direct Access to the Brain and Stem Cell Niche. Stem Cells and Development. 2013.

7. CHAVES DA SILVA, P.G, CORREA, C. L., CARVALHO, S. L., ALLODI, S. The Crustacean Central Nervous System in Focus: Subacute Neurodegeneration Induces a Specific Innate Immune Response. Plos One. 2013.

8. CHAVES DA SILVA, P. G., BENTON, J. L., BELTZ, B. S., ALLODI, S. Adult neurogenesis: ultrastructure of a neurogenic niche and neurovascular relationships. Plos One. 2012.


First-generation neuronal precursors in the crayfish brain are not self-renewing. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience. 2012.

10. CHAVES DA SILVA, P. G., De Barros, C.M, Lima. F.R.S, Biancalana, A., MARTINEZ, A. M. B., ALLODI, S. Identity of the cells recruited to a lesion in the central nervous system of a decapod crustacean. Microscopy Research and Technique (Print). 2010.

11. CORREA, C. L., CHAVES DA SILVA, P. G., PEREIRA, M., ALLODI, S., MARTINEZ, A. M. B. Electron microscopy and morphometric analyses of microtubules in two differently sized types of axons in the protocerebral tract of a crustacean. Microscopy Research and Technique. 2008.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
1.) Design, method development, data collection, and analysis involving statistical analysis, and data visualization 2.) Author manuscripts in peer reviewed journals 3.) Supervise and mentor undergraduate student researchers 4.) Attend meeting and discuss projects

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