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Ifeyinwa Daniel

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: Nigeria, Lagos General field of specialization: Mathematical sciences
Academic Background


2021 Doctorate Mathematical sciences
2014 Master Mathematical sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Mathematical sciences

Analysis involving amenability of Algebras, Number theory, and Goldbach conjunction

Publications resulting from Research: 

1.Ogunsola O. J.and Daniel I.E. Pseudo Amenability and pseudo-contractibility of restricted algebra. 233 Annealed Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis Studia Mathematica XVII (2018), International.
2. M.O. Edeh, S.G. Ugboaja, N.E. Ugwuja, J.S. Igwe, I.E. Daniel, N.E. Richard-Nnabu Smartphone Usage among Computer Science Students in Higher Education during Covid-19 Lockdown. Journal of Computer Science and Its Application / Vol. 29 No. 2 (2022).
3. Ogunsola O. J.and Daniel I. E. Some Characterizations of Amenable Semi-group. A publication by the journal of Semigroup Theory and Application (2019), International.
4. Ogunsola O. J.and Daniel I. E. Character Pseudo-amenability of Restricted Semigroup Algebra. Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, volume 46, may 2018, Issue, pp 1-8 © J. of NAM
5. Ogunsola O. J. and Daniel I. E. On Amenable restricted Semi-group. Journal of the Nigerian mathematical Society Vol. 38, Issue 2, pp. 157 - 163, 2019.
6. Ogunsola O. J.; Abdulakareeem A. O. and Daniel I. E. Some basic results on Banach Dialgebras. Asian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 3(3) 37-45.No AJPAM 640.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
I currently lecture mathematics and statistics in Spiritan University Nneochi Abia State Nigeria. I am the director of research administration, I research and publish papers on academic journals.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2022 Institute De Mathematique Et De Science Physics Universitie D'Abomey Calavi Porto-Novo Benin Mathematical Analysis And Optimization Research Group, UNILAG

Presentation given

Amenability of Group and Fourier Algebra with the underlying special t-group
Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria
Event: Nigerian Mathematical Society Annual Conference
Amenable Groups and the Applications
Spiritan University Nneochi Abia State Nigeria
Event: Inter Faculty Paper Presentation

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