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Oluwabunmi Denton

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: Nigeria, Ibadan General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2014 Master Agricultural Sciences
2011 Master Social and Economic Sciences
2006 Undergraduate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

Land degradation risk assessment and mapping using remote sensing techniques Amelioration and reclamation of degraded lands

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Denton O. A., V.O. Aduramigba- Modupe, A.O. Ojo, O.D. Adeoyolanu, K.S. Are, A.O. Oyedele, A.O. Adetayo and A.O. Oke (2017). Assessment of spatial variability and mapping of soil properties for sustainable agricultural production using geographic information system techniques (GIS). Cogent Food & Agriculture 3: 1-12 (Spain).
2. Adeoyolanu O.D., Are K. S., Adelana O. A., Denton O. A., and Oluwatosin G. A (2017) Characterization, suitability evaluation and soil quality assessment of three soils of sedimentary formation for sustainable crop production. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International. 11(2): 1-10. (UK)
3. Denton, O. A., I. O. Fademi, K. S. Are, A. O. Ojo, and O. D Adeoyolanu (2020). Effect of different manure sources on soil chemical properties, performance and yield of maize on a degraded land. International Journal of Plant and Soil Science, 32(13): 48-58.
4. Ojo, A.O, Aduramigba, V.O., Adeoyolanu, O.D., Denton, O.A., Oyedele A. O., and Fademi, I.O. (2017). Distribution of phosphorus fractions down the soil depth in the Savanna zone of Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Science. 9 (9): 94-102. (Canada).
5. Oyedele A. O., Uthman A.C.O., M. S., Alemeru. Denton O. A. and Fademi I.O. (2017). Soil Microbial activities and its relationship with soil chemical properties under selected soil management systems. Journal of Agriculture, Forestry and Social sciences. 14 (1): 80-90. (Nigeria)
6. Denton O. A., Ogunkunle A. O., Fademi I. O. (2016) Variations in soil properties as influenced by land use and soil depth in a derived savannah ecology of Southwestern Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Soil Science. Vol. 3.
7. Denton O. A., Alemeru M. S., Fademi I. O., Uthman A.C.O., and Oyedele A. O.(2017). Assessment of the physical and chemical properties of three contrasting soils under different land use systems Current Research in Agricultural Sciences, Vol 4, No 4 pp 96 – 102. (Singapore).
8. Oyerinde G. T., Fademi I. O. and Denton O. A. (2017) Modelling runoff with satellite- based rainfall estimates in the Niger basin. Cogent Food & Agriculture Vol 3, pp 1-12 (Spain).
9. Olateju Dolapo Adeoyolanu, Kayode Stephen Are, Ayodele Olumide Adelana, Gabriel Akinboye Oluwatosin, Oluwabunmi Aderonke Denton, Olufunmilayo Titilayo Ande, Olugbenga Egbetokun, Lucia Ogunsunmi, James Alabi Adediran (2018). Assessing soil quality issues for crop production function based on farmer’s perception: An experience from Itapaji Watershed in Southwestern Nigeria. Eurasian Journal of Soil Science, 7 (4) 337 – 345. (Turkey)+
10. Adeyolanu, O.D., Are, K.S., Adelana, A.O., Denton, O.A., Oluwatosin, G.A., Ande, O.T., Ojo, A.O. and Adediran, J.A. (2019). Comparison of Two methods of Quantifying Soil Quality: A Case Study from Lowland Rice Producing Areas in Nigeria. European journal of agriculture and forestry research vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 1-16.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2011 Ibadan, Nigeria 1. Application of GIS to Agricultural research workshop.
2012. Ibadan, Nigeria 4. African Women in Agricultural Research and Development. Role Modeling Workshop on Mentoring and Leadership Skill for Scientists.
2012 Chesbury Hotel, Abuja-Nigeria 5. Sensitization Workshop on GIS and Agricultural Research Management Decision making
2016 Ibadan, Nigeria 10. 18th Annual Symposium of the International Association of Research Scientist and Scholars (IARSAF-IITA) Theme: Africa, Potential Food Basket of the World. Nurturing the next generation of Researchers and Entrepreneurs.

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