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Chitra Dhawale

Country of origin: India Currently in: India, amravati General field of specialization: Computing and Information Technology
Academic Background


2009 Doctorate Computing and Information Technology
1994 Master Computing and Information Technology
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Computing and Information Technology

Image Processing Deep Learning using Python Smart Home using IoT

Publications resulting from Research: 

“Motion-Compensated Block-based Approach towards Video Fade Detection” International
Journal of Image Processing and Communications.vol.13,No.1-2, pp. 47-58, 2008.

“Motion Compensated Video Shot Detection using Multiple Feature Experts” International Journal of Graphics, Video and Image Processing, vol.(8), issue(V), pp.1-11. January 2009.

“Bit Level Key Agreement & Exchange Protocol for Digital Image Steganography”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, ISSN (Print) : 0974-6846,ISSN (Online) : 0974- 5645Vol 8(15), 70915, July 2015,pp-1-7.

“ Cloud Computing Security with Collaborating Encryption”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, ISSN (Print) : 0974-6846, Online ISSN : 0974-5645, Volume 9, Issue 21, June 2016, pp.1-7.

“ Past, Present and Future Research Direction For Camouflage Image Detection”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, Semi-Annual ISSN : 0974-5572,No.9 (2016) Issue No. :22 (2016), pp. 335-340.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Head of Department, Master in Computer Application , since 2012 21 Years of teaching experience for P.G.Course in Computer Application 04 Ph.D Scholars received Doctorate Degree under my guidance, 04 Scholars currently working under my supervision. Running a Social Firm for the welfare of tribal people - AADHAR Foundation since last three years.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2004 Government College of Engineering, Amravati (MS),India. Two weeks Short Term Training Programme on “Microcontrollers and its applications”
2004 Deptt. Of Computer Engg., College of Engg. Badnera (MS),India Two weeks Short Term Training Programme on “XML for Knowledge Representation”
2006 Deptt. Of Information Techmology, SATI, Vidisha (M.P),India AICTE sponsored two weeks Staff Development Programme on “Wireless and Mobile Networks” conducted by
2006 Deptt. Of Computer Engg., SSGMCE, Shegaon (MS),India iv.One week Short Term Training Programme on “Web Technology”
2006 Deptt. Of Electronics and Telicomm’n Engg., SSGMCE, Shegaon(MS),India. One week Short Term Training Programme on “Image and Video Processing”
2009 conducted by P.G.Deptt. Of Computer Science and Tech., H.V.P.Mandal, Amravati .(MS) ,India Two Days Workshop on “C# .Net using Visual Studio 2005”
2009 Deptt. Of Information Techmology, SATI, Vidisha (M.P), India AICTE sponsored two weeks Staff Development Programme on “Manufacturing Automation and Mechatronics”
2010 Deptt. Of Electronics & Communication Engg., Parul Institute of Engg. & Technology, Limda, Waghodia, Vadodara (Gujrat), India One week Short Term Training Programme on “Trends in Image and Video Processing”
2017 conducted by Deptt. Of Computer Engneering, IIT Mumbai (MS),India One Week Short Term Course on “ Cyber Security”
2017 Deptt.of Mechanical Engg. P.R.Pote College of Engg. & Mgmt., Amravati.(MS), India Two weeks Faculty Development Programme on “Outcome Based Engineering Education”, conducted by Deptt.of Mechanical Engg. P.R.Pote College of Engg. & Mgmt., Amravati.(MS), during 5’th Dec. 2017 to 17th Dec.2017.
2018 Deptt.of Computer Engg. P.R.Pote College of Engg. & Mgmt., Amravati.(MS),India xi. Two Week STTP on “Big Data and IOT”
2018 G.H.Raisoni College of Engg., Nagpur(MS),India in association with Bennett University, Delhi. Three Days Workshop on “AI And Applications”,
2018 ICTP, Trieste, Italy Two Week Workshop on “Advanced Workshop on FPGA-based Systems-On-Chip for Scientific Instrumentation and Reconfigurable Computing”


ISTE, Delhi
International Association of Engineers (IAENG)

Presentation given

A Novel Approach -Human Face & Eye Detection
Event: International Conference on Cybernetics, Systematic and Informatics (ICSCI-2005)
Comparision of Statistical Methods For Texture Analysis
Aurangabad (MS),India
Event: IEEE sponsored, International Conference on Advances in Computer Vision and Information Technology, (ACVIT-07)
Effective Keyframe Selection for Video Summarization
Chikhali.(MS), India
Event: International Conference on Advances in Computing, (iCAC-2008)
An Improved Approach towards Video Shot Detection
Mysore (Karnataka),India
Event: International Conference on Cognition (ICCR-08)
Practical Scrum-Scrum Team: Way to Produce Successful and Quality Software
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Event: 13th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications
Survey of Object Detection Methods in Camouflaged Image
Hong Kong
Event: International Conference on Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Novel user interface for text entry on touch screen mobile device for visually impaired users
Chennai (Tamilnadu),India
Comparative Analysis of Security Mechanism of Mobile IPv6 Threats against Binding Update, Route Optimization and Tunneling
Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria
Event: IEEE conf. ICAST-2014
Performance Analysis of Digital Image Steganographic Algorithm
Udaipur, Rajasthan (India)
Event: CSI and ACM Conference -ICTCS – 2014
Evaluation of Character Recognisers: Artificial Neural Network and Nearest Neighbour Approach
Ghaziabad (UP), India
Event: IEEE Conference, CICT-2015
Comparison of Mechanisms for Reducing Handover Latency and Packet loss problems Of Route Optimization in MIPv6
Gaziabad (UP),India
Event: IEEE CICT-2015
Enhanced Rule Extraction by Augmenting Internal Representation of Feed Forward Neural Network
Event: IEEE Conference, ICCCS
Performance evaluation of classification techniques for Devanagari script
Event: IEEE Conference ICCCS
Graph mining approach towards recommendation system using feedback
Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Event: IEEE- WIECON- ECE-2015
Evaluation and Analysis of few Parametric and Nonparametric Classification Methods
Gaziabad (UP), India
Event: IEEE Conference, CICT-2016
An Analytical study of “Digital Image Watermarking in Frequency Domain
Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Event: ”, ACM Second International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Competitive Strategies (ICTCS-2016)
A Collaborative approach for Malicious Node Detection in Ad hoc Wireless Networks
Event: IEEE- ICCTICT 2016
Analysis of nutritional deficiency in citrus species tree leaf using image processing
Event: IEEE- ICACCI 21-24 Sept. 2016
Performance Analysis of Impulse Noise Attenuation Techniques
Bidar, Karnataka, India
Event: International conference (Springer) RTI2PR
Gender Identification from Frontal Facial Images using Multi-resolution Statistical Descriptors
BATU, Lonere, Mangaon, Raigad (M.S.) , India
Event: ICCASP-2018 , Springer
Radon and Wavelet Transform for handwritten script identification
Arybhatta College of Engineering ,Ajmer(Rajasthan),india
Event: Springer International Conference-RACCCS 2017
Image Enhancement of Lemon Grasses Using Image Processing Techniques (Histogram Equalization)
Gurgaon (UP),India
Event: International Conference on Recent Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology (Springer- REDSET 2017)
Optical recognition of old handwritten musical symbols using foreground and background projection profiles
Bhimtal, Nainital, Uttarakhand (India)
Event: IEEE IOT SIU, Birla Institute of Applied Science
Old Handwritten Music Symbol Recognition Using Directional Multi-Resolution Spatial Features
Kuala lumpur, Malaysia.
Event: IEEE , ICSCEE2018

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