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Country of origin: India Currently in: India, Hyderabad General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
Academic Background


1993 Doctorate Chemical Sciences
1987 Master Chemical Sciences
1986 Master Chemical Sciences
1984 Undergraduate Other
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Chemical Sciences

Polymer synthesis, characterization and application studies such asazide-alkyne click chemistry, core shell polymer emulsions, polymer inorganic nanocomposites, fluoro-acrylates for functional coatings, opaque polymer pigments, microencapsulation, polymer excipients, flouro-elastomers and polymers for controlled release applications. worked on several projects of National relevance, sponsored by both Government and Private Industries and has around 35 publications in proceedings of conferences, National & international journals of repute with a total research interest score of 136.5 grouped under greater than 72% researchers and 243 citations according to Research gate and during her tenure supervised 4 Ph. D students and 25 Masters Students for their theses work

Publications resulting from Research: 

• Flame Retardant, Phosphorous-based Polyurethane Triazoles via Solvent-Free and Catalyst-Free Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition and their Cure Kinetics.KesavaraoSykam, Pothireddy Harika, and Shailaja Donempudi, Polymers for Advanced Technology, (Manuscript under revision)
• Intumescent phosphorous and triazole based flame retardant polyurethane foam from castor oil, KesaraoSykam, Kiram Kumar Reddy Meka & Shailaja Donempudi, ACS-Omega, 4(1), 1086-1094, 2019.
• Cell adhesion resistant, UV curable, Polymer zinc oxide nanocomposite materials for intraocular lens application, Syed Hussain Shaik, Shailaja Donempudi,ShekharamTammishetti, Koteswara Rao Garikapati, Manika Pal Bhadra, Polymers for Advanced Technology, 29(4) 1234-1241, 2017.
• Interpenetrating photopolymers for Intraocular lens application, Syed Hussain Shaik, Shailaja Donempudi, Shekharam Tammishetti, Koteswara Rao Garikapati, Manika Pal Bhadra, Journalof Applied Polymer Science, 134(8),44496,2017.
• Novel multifunctional hybrid diallyl ether monomer via azide alkyne click reaction as crosslinking agent in protective coatings, Kesavarao Sykam, Shailaja Donempudi, Polymer, 62 (2015): 60-69, 2015.
• Carboxylated Magnetite Composite Polymer Nanoparticles with Mosaic Structure for Biomedical Application, Kesavarao Sykam, Shailaja Donempudi, J. Res. Updates in Polym. Sci., 4.2 :127, 2015.
• Improving Hydrophobicity of Polyurethane by PTFE incorporation, Ch. Koti Reddy, D. Shailaja, accepted for publication in J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 132, 42779, 2015.
• Modification of PTFE Latex with P4VP/Surfactant Complexes at Nanoscale,Ch.Koti Reddy, D. Shailaja, Polym. Eng. Sci., 55(3).10.1002/pen.23911, 2014.
• Preparation & Characterization of Poly (CTFE-co-EVE)/PSA core shells and SiO2 Nanocomposite Films via Solution Mixing Method, Ch. Koti Reddy, T. Shekharam & D.Shailaja, J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 126, 1709, 2012.
• Preparation & Characterization of Core-Shell Nanoparticles Containing Poly (Chlorotrifluoroethylene-co-Ethylvinylether) as Core, Ch. Koti Reddy, L. Yugandhar Raju, P.V.S.S. Srinivas, P. Shanthan Rao, T. Shekharam & D. Shailaja, J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 122,1807, 2011.
• Highly efficient and reusable hydrogel supported nano palladium catalyst: Evaluation for suzuki-miyaura reaction in water, K. Sambasivudu, N. Mallikarjuna Reddy, M. Nagendra Prasad, K. Mohana Raju, Y. Murali mohan, J.S. Yadav, G. Sabitha, and D. Shailaja, J. Mol. Catalysis A: Chem., 295,10, 2008.
• Ceria supported vinylpyridine polymers: synthesis, characterization and application in catalysis, K. Sambasivudu, Y. Bhaskar Reddy, J.S. yadav, G. Sabitha and D. Shailaja, Int. J. Polymeric Materials,57, 891-903, 2008.
• Efficient synthesis of bis(indolyl) methanes using nano ceria supported on vinyl pyridine polymer at ambient temperature, Sabitha Gowravaram, Reddy Nandyala M, Prasad Muddala N, Yadav, Jhillu S, Kurva S, and Shailaja Donempudi, Letters in Org.Chem. 5 (4), 300-303, 2008, 2008.
• Synthesis and Characterization of Polyvinylpyridine / Montmorillonite Nanocomposites by In Situ Intercalative Polymerization, K.SambaSivudu, SajiThomas & D. Shailaja, Applied Clay Science, 37, 185, 2007.
• One Step Synthesis and Characterization of Poly (4vp-co-dvb)/Ceria Nanocomposite by Simultaneous Polymerization - Oxidation Approach, Samba SivuduKurva and Shailaja Donempudi, Materials Letters, 61, 2167, 2007.
• Synthesis and Characterization of Amphiphilic 4-vinyl pyridine and n-vinyl pyrrolidone Copolymer Beads‡, K. Sambasivudu, G. Maheedhar, V. Srinivasa Rao, M.V. Syam Kumar &D. Shailaja, J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 102, 192, 2006.
• Preparation and characterization of ceria nanoparticles supported on Poly (4-vinyl pyridine-co-divinylbenzene), K. Sambasivudu & D. Shailaja, J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 100 (5), 3439-3445, 2006.
• Modification of Chitosan towards a Biomaterial with Improved Physico-chemical Properties, P. Mallika, A. Himabindu& D. Shailaja, J. Appl. Polym. Sci.,101 (1), 63-69, 2006.
• Ceria/vinylpyridine polymer nanocomposite: an ecofriendly catalyst for the synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones, GowravaramSabitha, K. Bhaskar Reddy, J.S. Yadav, D. Shailaja and K. Samba Sivudu, Tetrahedron Letts.,46, 8221, 2005.
• Polysulfone& Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone Blend Membranes with Reverse Phase Morphology as Controlled Release Systems: Experimental & Theoretical Studies Rajarshi Bhattacharya, T. N. Phaniraj&D. Shailaja, J. Mem. Sci., 227, 23, 2003.
• Controlled Release PVC Membranes: Influence of Phthalate Plasticizers on their Tensile Properties and Performance, Shailaja Donempudi and Mohammed Yaseen, Polymer Eng. and Sci., 39, 399, 1999.
• Effects of Fenvalarate on the Development of Olfactory Perception in a Beetle, Rainer Wegerhoff, Heiko Gaethje & D. Shailaja, Neuroreport, 9, 3241, 1998.
• Comparative Release Kinetics of Pheromones from Polymer Dispensers, D. Shailaja, Syed Merajuddin& M. Yaseen, J.Appl. Polym. Sci,64, 1373, 1997.
• Influence of Molecular Weight on Film Properties of Polymer and Drug Release, D. Shailaja and P. Lakshmipathi, Proceedings of J.of Society for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs, 1996.
• Dissolution Characteristics of Polyvinyl Chloride in Single and Blends of Solvents D. Shailaja and M. Yaseen, J.Polym. Mater., 12, 31, 1995.
• Polymer Monolithic Systems for Controlled Release of Agrochemicals, Donempudi Shailaja & Mohammed Yaseen, J. Polym. Mater., 11, 73, 1994.
• Effect of Alkyl Phthalate Plasticizers on Permeation of Water Vapour through PVC Membranes, D. Shailaja & M. Yaseen Polymer International., 32, 247, 1993.
• Controlled Release PVC Matrices: Influence of Effect of Four Phthalate Plasticizers on Diffusion of THF D. Shailaja and M. Yaseen, Eur. Polym. J., 28,1321, 1992.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
CSIR-IICT has been working intensively in the area of science driven translational research and to promote R &D innovations through industrial collaborations and Dr. Shailaja has been instrumental in establishing a Business Collaboration culture with the following guiding principles such as, Simple & Swift with no bureaucratic hassles, Flexible and Transparent, and responsive to the needs of the industry, Participative & Supportive and Synergistic collaborations. She is also pursuing with corporate houses to tap the CSR funds for deployment of socially relevant technologies and also collaborate on R & D projects of mutual interest. 1. Project Management: Processing of project proposals (CSIR funded, Govt. aided and industry sponsored projects), preparation of MoU’s, Project monitoring review meetings, liaison and communication with the line ministries such as DST, DBT, MOES, etc. CSIR Headquarters and Private industries. Database management, Handle fund utilization and expenditure statements. Submission of Monthly and quarterly activity reports and research utilization data. Streamlined professionalism in the system with pooling of expertise, review, monitoring progress and timelines that created trust in the sponsors. 2. Business Development & Management: Technology outreach, promotion and popularisation of accomplishments, strengths and capabilities of the organisation at various platforms such as industry meets, exhibitions & conferences to impress new clientele. Organise B2B, industry meets & Road shows. The visibility created resulted in enhanced revenues with more projects and out licensing of knowledge (patents and process know how’s) fetching best value proposition and helped secure 5th place in the 38 labs of CSIR, first time in terms of external cash flows and help meet the objective of self-sustenance of 30% revenues by the institute. Patents out licensed to Sun Pharma Industries Ltd., at Rs. 240 crores 3. IPR Management: Implementation of the decision to drop patents that have no scope of commercialization to save maintenance fee. Rating of the patent portfolio sector wise to assess the patent value for realizing the commercial potential 4. Deployment of CSIR’s Societal Interventions in Rural Areas: In charge for networking & implementation of village outreach activity, a Govt of India Program devised by Niti Aayog to enable effective percolation of S & T solutions to grass root level at the four Aspirational districts under CSIR-IICT as Nodal in collaboration with IAS officers for deployment of projects for better health care, nutrition, education, sanitation, etc. of villagers. Coordinator for projects under CSIR-HARIT (Harnessing Appropriate Rural Interventions & Technologies)funded by CSIR HQ on topics like agriculture, water, sericulture, health care for catalysing S & T driven socio-economic development in rural areas and fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). 5. Skill Development Programs (SDP’s)& Village Entrepreneurs: Nodal officer for SDP’s of all the courses conducted at CSIR-IICT under the integrated skill development initiative of CSIRin 2017 to provide up skilling to 1000 students by 2022.So far, 342 students were trained on Analytical chemistry, QA & QC in Bio Pharma, water purification, CAD & CAM in chemical engineering, Organic synthetic chemistry & cheminformatics aiming at empowering the Masters and Graduate students as Finishing school programs with specific job role suitable for employment by industries. Leading an entrepreneurial program entitled BEST “Be an Entrepreneur of Science & Technology-Enabling Science Start-ups towards Societal Good” was initiated for encouraging rural youth to embrace entrepreneurship of readily deployable & commercially viable CSIR’s S & T solutions by providing mentorship support and incubation of the start up’s and enable them capture value over valuation and ensure rural income enhancement, employment generation &improvement in quality of life. 6. International S & T Collaborations: Coordinator for the joint Ph.D program with RMIT, Melbourne, Australia wherein the students are trained in chosen topics of research by guidance from both Indian and Australian scientists on a collaboration mode. Indo- French joint center with University of Renn, for R & D Collaborations in sustainable chemistry. 7. Event Management, Science Festivals, Industry meets/Road shows: Organize and moderate many scientific events such asNational Science day, Women’s Day, CSIR Foundation Day, CSIR-IICT Foundation Day, Technology Day, etc,. Industry meets with MSME and big industries ( >40 industries) at Ahmedabad and Hyderabad for promoting the expertise and marketing the knowledge base of CSIR-IICT. Organizing science fair annually since 2016 for school students (40 schools) from rural areas to show case their talent on scientific concepts jointly with Royal society of Chemistry and B-Toppers. Member of the institute level organizing committee of the annual event of India International Science Festival by VIBHA (> 1000 student participants) Organized the International year of the periodic table on the occasion of 150 years of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, 100 years of IUPAC and 75 years of CSIR-IICT on 1st Feb’ 2019 with school children and IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast on 12th Feb’2020 with women scientists deliberated on “Building Bonds to Create Future Leaders” .

Workshop and Conference Attended

2019 South Africa International Training Course on ‘Science, Technology and Innovation Diplomacy’
2017 Shanghai, China CPhl China Pharma week
1996 Institute of Biochemistry for Medicine and Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany DAAD fellow
1996 Membranes Dept., Institute for Polymer Research, Dresden, GERMANY- DAAD Visiting Fellow
1997 Laboratory of Biochemistry, Lübeck, Germany Chitin/Chitosan, Isolation, Characterization and Utilization


Society for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (SBAOI)
Indian Society for Analytical Scientists (ISAS)
Materials Research Society (MRS)
Indo-German Nachkontakt Association (IGNA), Hyderabad
Oil Technologists Association of India (OTAI), Southern Zone.

Presentation given

Science, Technology and Innovation Diplomacy: A catalyst for Sustainable Development and South-South Cooperation.
Pretoria, South Africa
Event: 5th ‘Innovation Bridge/Science Forum South Africa – 2019: Igniting Conversations about Science for Innovation with Impact’
Enhancing laboratory capabilities
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Headquarters, The Hague, The Netherlands
Event: Article XI workshop on “Enhancing laboratory capabilities”
plastics, rubber and composites
Langkawi, Malaysia
Event: International Conference on plastics, rubber and composites
Presentation of a research paper
University of North Texas, Denton, USA
Event: International Conference on Polymer Characterization, POLYCHAR
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Aug 2019
 CSIR-IICT Technology Award (Team) for “Synthesis of Poly Chlorotrifluoroethylene” successful transfer of technology of fluoro polymer to the sponsor on the 76th Foundation Day
 CSIR-IICT Technology Award (Team) for “Synthesis of Poly Chlorotrifluoroethylene” successful transfer of technology of fluoro polymer to the sponsor on the 76th Foundation Day
Jan 2017
CSIR Platinum Jubilee Year Award
CSIR Platinum Jubilee Year Award for outstanding contributions in S & T Management in 2017.
Sep 2017
Directors Special Appreciation Award for contribution to Skill Development
Directors Special Appreciation Award for contribution to Skill Development (Team) during 2016-17 on 27th Sept’ 2017 during the CSIR-Foundation Day (Platinum Jubilee Closing ceremony)
Aug 2016
CSIR-IICT Technology Award (Team)
CSIR-IICT Technology Award (Team) for “Synthesis of Copovidone” a pharmaceutical excipient & successful transfer of technology to the sponsor on the 73rd Foundation Day held on 5th Aug’ 2016.
Aug 2012
CSIR-IICT Technology Award for the year 2011
CSIR-IICT Technology Award for the year 2011- Team Award for the development of “Fluoro-elastomer for plastic bonded explosive applications” on 5th August 2012 during the CSIR-IICT Foundation Day celebrations
Jan 1997
CSIR-DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Junior Fellowship Award
CSIR-DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Junior Fellowship Award, worked atInstitute of Biochemistry for Medicine and Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Kiel, Kiel, GERMANY. (Oct.1996 and Jan 1997-Sept.1997 respectively)
Jan 2014
Who's Who in the World, 2014
Featured in the 31st edition of Who's Who in the World, 2014 by American Biographical Institute, USA.
Apr 2024
“Ladies in Labs”
Featured in the audiovisual program covering my research work telecast on DD1 channel entitled “Ladies in Labs” produced by Audio Visual Research Centre (AVRC), Osmania University, Hyderabad.
Nov 1996
DAAD Visiting Fellow
DAAD Visiting Fellow, Membranes Dept., Institute for Polymer Research, Dresden, GERMANY (Nov.1996-Dec.1996).
Jan 1997
Five Thousand Personalities of the World, Sixth Edition
Five Thousand Personalities of the World, Sixth Edition, published by American Biographical Institute, Inc., North Carolina USA, 1997

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