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Anushka Elangasinghe

Country of origin: Sri Lanka Currently in: Sri Lanka, Kandy General field of specialization: Engineering sciences
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Engineering sciences
2008 Master Engineering sciences
2001 Undergraduate Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Engineering sciences

Air Pollution monitoring, modelling and health impact assessment Impact of COVID 19 lock down on air quality Artificial Neural Network Modelling of different systems

Publications resulting from Research: 

Elangasinghe. M.A., Dirks, K.N., Singhal, N., Salmond, J.A., Longley, I., Dirks, V.I. (2016). A simple Tool to Identify Representative Wind Sites for Air Pollution Modelling Applications. Advances in Meteorology. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Article ID 5494585. Number of citations: 3 Journal Impact Factor: 1.962

Elangasinghe, M. A., Dirks, K. N., Singhal, N., Costello, S. B., Longley, I., & Salmond,J. A. (2014). A simple semi-empirical technique for apportioning the impact of roadways on air quality in an urban neighborhood. Atmospheric Environment, 83, 99-108. Number of citations: 13 Journal Impact Factor: 4.012

Elangasinghe, M. A., Singhal, N., Dirks, K. N., Salmond, J. A., & Samarasinghe, S. (2014). Complex time series analysis of PM10 and PM2.5 for a coastal site using artificial neural network modelling and k-means clustering. Atmospheric Environment, 94, 106- 116. Number of citations: 135 Journal Impact Factor: 4.01

Elangasinghe, M. A., Singhal, N., Dirks, K. N., & Salmond, J. A. (2014). Development of an ANN-based air pollution forecasting system with explicit knowledge through sensitivity analysis. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 5(4), 696-708
Number of citations: 120 Journal Impact Factor: 4.352

Elangasinghe, M.A., Shanthini, R. (2008). Determination of atmospheric PM10 concentration in Kandy in relation to traffic intensity. Journal of National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka, 36(3), 245-249.
Number of citations: 4 Journal Impact Factor: 0.515

Dirks, K.N., Singhal, N., Austin, G.L., Elangasinghe M.A. & Nanni, A. (2012). A Methodology for Quantifying the Contribution of Volcanic Ash to Urban Air Pollution. Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXI, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security 2012, 285-288. DOI:10.1007/978-94-007-1359-8_48

Elangasinghe, M.A., Singhal, N., Dirks, K.N., Salmond, J.A. (2013). Development of a practically-significant ANN-based air pollution forecasting tool with the aid of explicit knowledge through sensitivity analysis. Oral presentation at International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM) 2013, 1-6 December 2013, Adelaide, Australia

Elangasinghe, M.A., Dirks, K.N., Singhal, N. (2012). Importance of anemometer siting characteristics for traffic air pollution modelling in urban areas. Oral presentation at Urban Science Symposium – CSIRO Complex Systems Science Networks, 13-15 Feb, 2012, Melbourne, Australia.

Elangasinghe, M.A., Dirks, K.N., Singhal, N. (2012). Prediction of carbon monoxide concentrations in Auckland, New Zealand using a site-optimized semi-empirical model and artificial neural networks. Oral presentation at Extreeme Weather 2011 – Joint Conference of the MSNZ and AMOS, 9-11 Feb, 2011, Wellington, New Zealand (p. 69)

Anushka Elangasinghe, Naresh Singhal, Kim Dirks (2012). Artificial Neural Network as a useful tool in meteorological modelling of Air Pollutants. Oral presentation at 33rd Annual Conference of Meteorological Society of New Zealand, 19-20 Nov, 2012, Wellington, New Zealand.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
I am a Senior Lecturer attached to Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. I am the present head of the Department. I engage in administration, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research as main duties. I am also a senior student counselor and the faculty representative for student welfare committee. Therefore, I engage in a variety of complex duties.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2013 Adelaide, Australia International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM)
2012 Melbourne, Australia Urban Science Symposium – CSIRO Complex Systems Science Networks
2012 Wellington, New Zealand 33rd Annual Conference of Meteorological Society of New Zealand
2006 Yogyakartha, Indonesia International workshop-Better Air Quality


Engineering, New Zealand
Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Feb 2010
New Zealand Commonwealth Scholar
New Zealand Commonwealth Scholar to pursue a PhD at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

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