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Andrew C. Eloka-Eboka

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: South Africa, Durban General field of specialization: Engineering sciences
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Engineering sciences

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship;

Research Keywords: 
Renewable energy

Publications resulting from Research: 

 Ibrahim, J.S. and Eloka-Eboka, A.C. (2012). Evaluation of levels of automobile exhaust gas pollution in selected cities of Benue State. Advances in Science and Technology, volume 8 (1): 14 -17.
 Igbum, O.G., Eloka-Eboka, A.C. and Nwadinigwe, C.A. (2012). Chemo-physical Properties of Sandbox tree, Wild Melon, Fluted Pumpkin and Black Date seed oils for Biodiesel production. International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 4, No.6, pp. 70 -87.
 Odubiyi, O.A., Awoyale, A.A. and Eloka-Eboka, A.C. (2012).Wastewater Treatment with Activated Charcoal produced from Cocoa pod husk. International Journal of Environment and Bio-energy 2012 vol. 4 (3): 162 -175.
 Igbum, O.G. Eloka-Eboka, A.C*. Ubwa, S.T. and Inambao, F.L. (2013). Evaluation of environmental impact and gaseous emissions of biodiesel fuels and blends of selected feed-stocks. International Journal of Global Warming, Inderscience publication Series, Volume 6 No 1: 99 – 112.
 Awoyale, A.A., Eloka-Eboka, A.C. and Odubiyi, O.A. (2012).Production and Experimental Efficiency of Activated Carbon from local waste Bamboo for Waste water Treatment. International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 3 (2): 8 -17.
 Edeoja, A.O. and Eloka-Eboka, A.C. (2012). Experimental validation of Hottel’s Transmittance Model for Estimating Beam Radiation in Makurdi Location. American Journal of Engineering Research (AJER) 2 (8): 51 – 57.
 Igboanugo A.C., Ajieh M. U. and Eloka-Eboka, A.C. (2013). Potential for Biomass Perennial Grass as Alternative to Fuel wood in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 4, Issue 9, September-2013
 Ibrahim, J.S., Eloka-Eboka, A.C, Barki, E and. (2014). Comparative Analysis and Performance of Solar dryers with Backup Incinerators for Nsukka Sub-tropical and Makurdi humid locations using Selected Farm produce. British Journal of Applied Science and Technology, vol. 4 (3): 525 – 539.
 Eloka-Eboka, A.C., Igbum, O.G. and Inambao, F.L. (2014). Optimization and effects of process variables on the production and properties of methyl ester biodiesel. Journal of Energy in Southern Africa, Volume 25 No.2. pg. 39 – 47.
 Eloka-Eboka, A.C. and Inambao, F.L. (2014). Hybridisation of feedstocks - a new approach in biodiesel development: A case of Moringa and Jatropha seed oils. Energy Sources Part A (Taylor and Francis) (Accepted and in Press).
 Eloka-Eboka, A.C. and Inambao, F.L. (2014). Engine Performance and Emission Characterization of biodiesel fuels from Moringa oleifera and Jatropha curcas seeds oils and hybrids. Journal of Energy in Southern Africa (submitted).

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Lecturing

Workshop and Conference Attended

2015 Johannesburg, South Africa 2015 Young Scientists Conference : Inspiring Change Post 2015: The role of science, technology and innovation (STI) in empowering women in Africa


International Association of Engineers; African Academy of Sciences

Presentation given

Progress in promoting women in Science and Technology (S&T) in Africa: The current status and opportunities
Johannesburg, South Africa
Event: 2015 Young Scientists Conference : Inspiring Change Post 2015: The role of science, technology and innovation (STI) in empowering women in Africa
Prizes, Grants and Awards

TWAS Awards

Sep 2013
TWAS fellowship award is a very enriching experience

Other Awards

Jun 2024
 Three months Doctoral Fellowship of the JNCASR-TWAS-ROCASA India conducted at the Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research institute, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India;  Overall Best paper award out of over 600 papers from 42 countries by World Sustainable Energy Society at the 12th International Conference of Sustainable Energy Technology (SET2013) held in Hong Kong – China;  ERAfrica Joint Collaborative Research Evaluator – European Union, 2013  ERANETMED Joint Collaborative Research Evaluator – European Union (2015)  University of KwaZulu-Natal Doctoral Scholarship;  Center for Engineering Postgraduate Studies (CEPS) of the University of KwaZulu-Natal Doctoral bursary/scholarship;  College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science, University of KwaZulu-Natal Conference Funding award;  Federal Republic of Nigeria – Raw Materials Research and Development Council Research/National Automotive Council Research and Development on Automotive Industry research grant award for the production of bio-lubricants from selected bio-oil feedstock lubricating industries;  AJW Nelson Doctoral Scholarship; and  Reviewer to prestigious Journals: Royal Society of Chemistry, British Journal of Applied Science and Technology (BJAST), Robotica, IJERT and others.  Recent invitation to join an International Scientific Committee for the 14th International Conference of the Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET 2015) of the World Society for Sustainable Energy Technologies to be hosted at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom by the World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies;  Produced ten publications (four ISI/DoHET Journal papers and six accredited conference papers from my doctoral study within two years of my doctoral study at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  NRF- UK-South Africa researcher Links Grants for Travel and Hosting of Scientific Events 2015.  Academy of Science of South Africa Research Output Evaluation Panel

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