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Sarab Kadhum

Country of origin: Iraq General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
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2020 Biological Systems and Organisms
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Biological Systems and Organisms

This study aimed to use chicken embryos as biological indicator of environmental contamination impact. It is a living test system in state of using blood culture in vitro for models that cannot experience the impact of the pollutants. Fertility eggs were collected from Altwietha. Cytogenetic analysis for chicken embyo have been done by studying Blast index, and Mitotic index (MI), Replicative index (RI) and Sister Chromated Exchange (SCE) for embryonic cell in (2-7) days age. The results show a defect in the genetic material and the inability of the cell to repair the molecule DNA, which resulted in a rise in SCE value. We concluded that the possibility of using chicken embryos as a biological indicator to detect the effect of pollutants and adoption as an alternative method for blood cultures in vitro for being easy, accurate, and economic way.