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Pabasara Kalansuriya

Country of origin: Sri Lanka Currently in: Sri Lanka, Galle - Poddala General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
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2016 Doctorate Chemical Sciences
2011 Undergraduate Chemical Sciences
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Current Research Activities

Chemical Sciences

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Kalansuriya, P.; Khalil, Z. G.; Salim, A. A. and Capon R. J.; Talarophenol sulfate and talarophilones from the Australian mud dauber wasp-associated fungus, Talaromyces sp. CMB-W045. Tetrahedron Letters, 2019, 60(43), 151.
2. da Silva, G. S.; Shang, Z.; Kalansuriya, P.; Capon R. J.; and Espósito, B. P. Antioxidant activity and cellular uptake of the hydroxamate-based fungal iron chelators pyridoxatin, desferriastechrome and desferricoprogen. Biometals, 2019, 32(4), 707.

3. Quezada, M.+; Shang, Z.+; Kalansuriya, P.+, Salim, A. A.; Lacey, E.; and Capon, R. J. Waspergillamide A, a nitro depsi-tetrapeptide diketopiperazine from an Australian mud dauber wasp-associated Aspergillus sp. (CMB-W031). J.Nat. Prod., 2017, 80 (4), 1192.
+: These authors contributed equally.
4. Kalansuriya, P.; Quezada, M.; Espósito, B. P.; and Capon, R. J. Talarazines A-E: Noncytotoxic Iron(III) Chelators from an Australian Mud Dauber Wasp-Associated Fungus, Talaromyces sp. (CMB-W045). J.Nat. Prod., 2017, 80 (3), 609.– ACS Editors’ Choice Award
5. Shang, Z.; Khalil, Z.; Li, L.; Salim, A. A.; Quezada, M.; Kalansuriya, P.; Capon, R. J. Roseopurpurins: Chemical Diversity Enhanced by Convergent Biosynthesis and Forward and Reverse Michael Additions. Org. Lett. 2016, 18, 4340.
6. Khalil, Z. G.; Kalansuriya, P.; Capon, R. J. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation of fungal secondary metabolism. Mycology: An International Journal of Fungal Biology 2014, 5, 168.

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