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Njeri Kareithi

Country of origin: Kenya Currently in: United Kingdom, Newcastle General field of specialization: Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Academic Background


2016 Master Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
2014 Undergraduate Social and Economic Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences

Innovative and adaptive methods in clinical trials

Research Keywords: 
Mathematical Modeling

Publications resulting from Research: 

Amoo, O.S., Aina, O.O., Okwuraiwe, A.P., Onwuamah, C.K., Shaibu, J.O., Ige, F., Owaneze, K., Agboola, H.O., Kareithi, D.N., Onuigbo, T.I., Ikemefuna, A.S., Oraegbu, J.I., Odewale, E.O., Okoli, L.C., Ajibaye, O., James, A.B., Idris, G., Ohihoin, G., Tijani, B., Giwa-Tunbosun, T., Adegbola, R., Salako, B.L. and Audu, R.A. (2020) COVID-19 Spread Patterns Is Unrelated to Malaria Co-Infections in Lagos, Nigeria. Advances in Infectious Diseases, 10, 200-215.

O. Tijani, O.S. Amoo, T. Adaramewa, D.N. Kareithi, A. Omavuohrerhe, S. Karera , B.L. Salako (2020). Healthcare seeking behavior of citizens during pandemics: A case study of COVID-19 in Nigeria. Acta Scientific Microbiology. Volume 3 Issue 9. DOI: 10.31080/ASMI.2020.03.0689

D.N. Kareithi, D. Salifu, N. Owuor, S. Subramanian & E.Z.H. Tonnang | Yuriy Rogovchenko (Reviewing editor) (2019). An algorithm for data reconstruction from published articles – Application on insect life tables. Cogent Mathematics & Statistics , 6:1, DOI: 10.1080/25742558.2019.1701377

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Manager, Research Design and Analysis

Workshop and Conference Attended

2018 Nairobi, Kenya CommCare for Data Collection and Management
2017 Nouakchott, Mauritania Fourth Conference of African Ministers Responsible for Civil Registration
2017 Nairobi, Kenya ODK for Data Collection: Designing Surveys
2016 Nairobi, Kenya East Africa Data Festival
2016 Pretoria, South Africa 5th ISIBALO Young African Statisticians Conference
2015 Nairobi, Kenya Estimation and Projection Package (EPP) Use
2015 Eldoret, Kenya Kenya Open Data Academia Forum
2015 Nairobi, Kenya Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
2015 Nairobi, Kenya Statistical Methods for Arthropods
2018 University of Nairobi, Kenya Bio-statistical Models for Joint Longitudinal and Survival Data in Research: Theory and Applications in R Software


International Biometric Society
Isibalo Young African Statisticians

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