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Vineetha Karuveettil

Country of origin: India Currently in: India, Ernakulam General field of specialization: Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Academic Background


2019 Master Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
2013 Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences

Qualitative Research on smokeless tobacco initiation among Paniya tribes of Wayanad. Gender predilection of oral health among Indian Population Evaluation of a comprehensive dental care system introduced into undergraduate clinical curriculum Awareness and barriers to research among undergraduate life science students

Publications resulting from Research: 

1) Saravanan D, Ramsumar S, Vineetha K. Effect of oil pulling with sesame oil on plaque induced gingivitis; A microbiological study. Journal of Orofacial Research. 2013 Jul1;3(3):175.

2) Kumar VS, Karveettil V, Joseph J, Janakiram C, Yeturu SK, Suseela R P. Association of Dental Caries and Oral Health Impact Profile in 12-Year-Old School children: A Cross-Sectional Study. Journal of clinical & Diagnostic Research. 2018 Sep 1;12(9).

3) Venkitachalam et al. Approaching oral health through community diagnosis – Excerpts from
a tribal health program. Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development. 2018.

4) Ramanarayanan V, Joseph J, Kumar Y S, Kumar VS, Karuveettil V, Padamadan HJ, Malliga V. Curbing oral disease burden in India: Recommendations for integrating dentistry into public Health. J Indian Assoc Public Health Dent 2019;17:258-9

5) Janakiram C, Varghese N, Ramanarayanan Venkitachalam JJ, Vineetha K. Comparison of modified Bass, Fones and normal tooth brushing technique for the efficacy of plaque control in young adults-A randomized clinical trial. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry. 2020 Feb;12(2):e123.

5) Karuveettil V, Kumar SV, Janakiram C, Joseph J. Effectiveness of a curriculum-based educational intervention on oral health behavior and dental caries experience among Indian schoolchildren. Journal of Education and Health Promotion. 2020 Jan 1;9(1):90.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Currently pursuing research in the field of public health dentistry. Professional activities include teaching public health dentistry to under graduate and post graduate dental students. Managing undergraduate research projects. Current research activities include projects on smokeless tobacco initiation among tribal population of Wayanad, India, Tobacco media literacy among young adults of Kerala, India, Mixed methods research on dental non attendance, Common risk Factor Approach, research among undergraduate life science students.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2019 Vancouver, Canada International Association of Dental Research, General Session and Exhibition


International Association of Dental Research

Presentation given

Effect of Oral Health Curriculum on Childrens Oral Health Awareness
Vancouver, Canada
Event: International Association of Dental Research, General Session and Exhibition
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Jun 2019
CCSTDS (Centre for Co-operation in Science & TEchnology among Developing Societies) TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP
A travel fellowship was awarded to attend the IADR General Session and Exhibition, Vancouver.
Jun 2019
A travel grant covering full airfare to attend IADR General Session and Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada.
Jun 2011
Indian Council of Medical Research Short Term Studentship
Short Term Studentship program by ICMR. A stipend of 10,000 was awarded to carry out research project on "Effectiveness of oil pulling on reducing plaque induced gingivitis"
OWSD 6th General Assembly certificate: download

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