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Debishree Khan

Country of origin: India Currently in: India, Nagpur General field of specialization: Other
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2015 Doctorate Other
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


Environmental Sciences, waste management

Publications resulting from Research: 

Khan, D., Kumar, A., & Samadder, S. R. (2018). Public acceptance study of environmentally suitable landfill sites. Current Science, 115(11), 2122.
Samadder, S. R., Prabhakar, R., Khan, D., Kishan, D., & Chauhan, M. S. (2017). Analysis of the contaminants released from municipal solid waste landfill site: A case study. Science of the Total Environment, 580, 593-601.
Khan, D., Kumar, A., & Samadder, S. R (2016).Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Municipal Solid Waste Generation Rate” Waste Management 49, 15-25.
Khan, D . & Samadder, S. R (2016). Allocation of solid waste collection bins and route optimization using geographical information system: A case study of Dhanbad City, India. Waste Management & Research, 34(7), 666-676.
Khan, D . & Samadder, S. R (2015). “A Simplified Multi-criteria evaluation model for landfill site ranking and selection based on AHP and GIS.”, Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management 23(4), 267-278.
Khan, D . & Samadder, S. R(2014). “Municipal Solid Waste Management Using GIS Aided Methods: A Review.” Waste Management & Research 32(11), 1049 –1062.
Khan, D . & Samadder, S. R(2014). “Application of GIS in Landfill Siting for Municipal Solid Waste.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Development. ISSN 2249-3131. 4(1). 37-40.

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