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Esther Gwae Kimaro

Country of origin: Tanzania Currently in: Tanzania, Arusha General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
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2018 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

I am currently working on a research project on Surveillance of “sleeping sickness” – Human African Trypanosomiasis: a disease of poverty in western Tanzania. The project will be carried out for two years from 2019-2021. The project worthy 70 Million Tanzanian shillings.

Publications resulting from Research: 

• Kimaro, E. G, Toribio, J. A., Mor. M, S. (2018). Occurrence of trypanosome infections in cattle in relation to season, livestock movement and management practices of Maasai pastoralists in Northern Tanzania Veterinary Parasitology: Regional Studies and Reports Vol 12: 91-98

• Kimaro, E. G., Mor. M, S., Toribio, J. A. (2018). Climate change perception and impacts on cattle production in pastoral communities of Northern Tanzania. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice (2018) 8:19
• Kimaro, E. G., Toribio, J. A., Mor, M, S. (2017). Climate change and vector-borne diseases: use of participatory epidemiology to investigate experience in vulnerable, cattle-keeping pastoral communities of Monduli District, Northern Tanzania. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 147: 79-89.

• Kimaro, E. G., Mor, M. S., Gwakisa, P., Toribio, J, A. (2017). Seasonal occurrence of Theileria parva infection and management practices amongst Maasai pastoralist communities in Monduli District, Northern, Tanzania Veterinary Parasitology 246 43– 52.

• Kweka, E, J., Kimaro, E, E., Kimaro, E, G., Nagagi Y., Malele I. (2017). Major Disease Vectors in Tanzania: Distribution, Control and Challenges. Book Chapter In Biological Control of Pests and Vector Insects: DOI:10.5772/67109

• Kimaro, E. G., and Chibinga, O. C. (2013): Potential impact of climate change on livestock production and health in East Africa: A review. Livestock Research for Rural Development. 25 (116).

• Kimaro, E. G., Mlangwa, J. E. D., Lyimo-Macha, J., Kimaro, J. G. (2013): The influence of women groups on income obtained from small-scale dairy cattle production: A case of Arumeru district, Tanzania. Livestock Research for Rural Development 25 (60).

• Kimaro, E. G., Lyimo-Macha, J. G and Jeckoniah, J. N. (2013). Gender roles in smallholder dairy farming: pertinent issues on access and control over dairy farming resources in Arumeru district, Tanzania. Livestock Research for Rural Development 25 (82).

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