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Francois Mark

Country of origin: Mauritius Currently in: Mauritius, Rose-Hill General field of specialization: Computing and Information Technology
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1997 Undergraduate Computing and Information Technology
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Computing and Information Technology

Through HSsi students can pursue learning via both traditional and immersive learning methods anywhere, even in places where there are internet connectivity and transport issues. HSsi enables teachers to create contextualized educational contents too. The objective of HSsi is to make education more accessible, mobile, non-linear and safe. The eLearning platform is available in two versions. HSsi Live and HSsi Inclusive.

Current profession

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I’m the FOUNDER / CEO of AfriEDX Technology Ltd is a multi-award company. It figures among the African Union’s 40 leading innovators in the field of technology in education. The mission of AfriEDX is to leverage new technologies to innovate, boost education and training so as to enhance individual development through inclusively social progress within African communities through immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). AfriEDX’s endorsement by the African Union is a major step to bring immersive technologies to the African market. I am also the author of the upcoming book Virtual Reality Demystified.


Chambre des Metier et de l'artisanat
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Other Awards

Aug 2019
African Union -Best innovator in Africa
Symbol for AfriEDX as of African Union’s top 40 innovators in technology for education.

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