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Marwa Mounier

Country of origin: Egypt Currently in: Egypt, Cairo General field of specialization: Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
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2014 Doctorate Other
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Current Research Activities

Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology

Publications resulting from Research: 

1) Moustafa SM, Menshawi BM, Wassel GM, Mahmoud K and Mounier MM. Screening of some plants in Egypt for their cytotoxicity against four human cancer cell lines. Int J Pharmtech Res. 2014 a. 6 (3): 1074-1084.

2) Moustafa SM, Menshawi BM, WASSEL GM, Mahmoud K and Mounier MM. Screening of some wild and cultivated egyptian plants for their free radical scavenging activity. Int J Pharmtech Res. 2014 b. 6 (4): 1271-1278.

3) Moustafa SM, Mahmoud K, Menshawi BM, WASSEL GM, and Mounier MM. Cytotoxicity against four cell lines of human cancer by the fractionated extract of Dovyalis caffra, exhibiting high oxylipin signature, and by jasmine oil. World J Pharm Sci. 2015.

4) El-serwy WS, Mohamed NA, Kassem EMM, Mahmoud K and Mounier MM. Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Docking Analysis of Some Novel Quinazolin Derivatives as Antitumor Agents. Ira J pharm Res. 2016. 15 (1): 179-196.
5) Nada, A. A., Hassabo, A. G., Mohamed, A. L., Mounier, M. M., & Zeid, N. Y. A. (2016). Liposomal Microencapsulation of Rodent-repelling Agents onto Jute Burlaps: Assessment of Cytotoxicity and Rat Behavioral Test. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016. 6 (08): 142-150.

6) Nada, A. A., Montaser, A. S., Azeem, R. A. A., & Mounier, M. M. Eco-friendly gelatin-based electrospun fibers to control the release of chloramphenicol. Fibers and Polymers. 2016. 17(12), 1985-1994.

7) Fayad, W., Salwa, M., El-Manawaty, M.A., Mounier, M.M., Soliman, A.A., Yousry, A.A., Farghaly, A.A., Fahmy, M.A., Hasasn, Z.M., Linder, S. and Mahmoud, K. A systematic multicellular spheroids screening approach lead to the identification of antineoplastic activity in three different plant extracts from the Egyptian flora. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017 Vol, 7(06), 013-022.
8) Raslan M.A., Melek F. R., Said A.A., Elshamy A. I., Umeyama A., Mounier M. M. New cytotoxic dihydrochalcone and steroidal saponins from the aerial parts of Sansevieria cylindrica Bojer ex Hook. Journal of Phytochemistry Letters 22 (2017) 39–43.

9) Rizk S. A., El-Sayed A. A., Mounier M. M. Synthesis of Novel Pyrazole Derivatives as Antineoplastic Agent. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry. 2017.

10) Selim, M. S., Amer, S. K., Mohamed, S. S., Mounier, M. M., & Rifaat, H. M. (2017). Production and characterisation of exopolysaccharide from Streptomyces carpaticus isolated from marine sediments in Egypt and its effect on breast and colon cell lines. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

11) Mohamed, A. M., Abdel-Hafez, N. A., Kassem, A. F., Abbas, E. M. H., & Mounier, M. M. (2017). Synthesis of some new thiazole derivatives and their cytotoxicity on different human tumor cell lines. Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 87(10), 2391-2400.

12) Hawas, U. W., Abou El-Kassem, L. T., Abdelfattah, M. S., Elmallah, M. I., Eid, M. A. G., Monier, M., & Marimuthu, N. (2017). Cytotoxic activity of alkyl benzoate and fatty acids from the red sea sponge Hyrtios erectus. Natural product research, 1-6.

13) Batran, R. Z., Kassem, A. F., Abbas, E. M., Elseginy, S. A., & Mounier, M. M. (2018). Design, synthesis and molecular modeling of new 4-phenylcoumarin derivatives as tubulin polymerization inhibitors targeting MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 26(12), 3474-3490.

14) El-Feky, Amal M., Marwa M. Elbatanony, and Marwa M. Mounier. "Anti-cancer potential of the lipoidal and flavonoidal compounds from Pisum sativum and Vicia faba peels." Egyptian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 5(4), 258-264.‏

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