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Richa Naveed Ahamed

Country of origin: India Currently in: United Arab Emirates, Dubai General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Other
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


My current research is related to the following broad areas: Bioinformatics Biochemistry Medical Education

Research Keywords: 
Algorithm development
Structural Bioinformatics
In silico molecular modelling
medical education

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. T. Richa, R Bayoumi, Lansberg P, Banerjee Y. Blending Gagne's Instructional Model with Peyton's Approach to Design an Introductory Bioinformatics Lesson-plan for Medical Students. JMIR Med Educ. 2018. Accepted 10.2196/11122.

2. T. Richa, M Gentaro, M Taiji and Y. Kuroda. All-atom molecular dynamics simulations of alanine-scanned amyloidogenic octapeptides derived from IAPP using large multi-peptide systems. 2018 Submitted.

3. T. Richa, S. Ide, R. Suzuki, T. Ebina and Y. Kuroda. Fast H-DROP: A thirty times accelerated version of H-DROP for interactive SVM-based prediction of helical domain linkers. Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 2017; 31: 237-244.

4. K. P. Rao*, T. Richa*, K. Kumar, B. Raghuram and A. K. Sinha. In silico analysis reveals 75 members of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase gene family in rice. DNA Research 2010;17(3):139-153.
*Equal contribution

5. T. Richa and T. Sivaraman. OneG-Vali: A Webserver for Detecting, Estimating and Validating Cryptic Intermediates of Proteins under Native Conditions. RSC Advances 2014; 4(69): 36325-36335.

6. T. Richa and T. Sivaraman. OneG: A computational tool for predicting cryptic intermediates in the unfolding kinetics of proteins under native conditions. PLoS ONE 2012;7(3) e32465.

7. D. Sivakumar, T. Richa, S. S. Rajesh, B. Gorai and T. Sivaraman. In silico methods for designing antagonists to anti-apoptotic members of bcl-2 family proteins. Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 2012;12(11):1144-1153.

8. D. P. Wankhede, M. Kumari, T. Richa, J. Aravind and S. Rajkumar. Genome wide identification and characterization of Calcium Dependent Protein Kinase gene family in Cajanus cajan. Journal of Environmental Biology 2017; 38: 169-177.

9. T. Richa and T. Sivaraman Computational analyses of cryptic intermediates in the native unfolding pathways of barnase and thioredoxin Biologia 2015; 70: 420-427.

10. P. Arasu, T.Richa and T. Sivaraman. Review on Computational Methods for Predicting Residue-Specific Stabilities of Proteins. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2015; 7(3): 159-162.

11. P. Das, T. Richa and T. Sivaraman. A computational strategy for predicting residue-specific stabilities of cardiotoxin III, an all β-sheet protein. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. 2014; 5(3): 1824-1831.

12. T. Richa and T. Sivaraman. Cooperative unfolding units and metastable states of cytochrome c551 from Pseudomonas aeruginosa under native conditions. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. 2014; 6(3):144-147.

13. T. Richa and T. Sivaraman. Structural stability and folding pathways of proteins under native conditions as monitored by hydrogen/deuterium (H/D) exchange methods. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2013; 4(4): 550-562.

14. T. Richa and T. Sivaraman. CIntX: A software tool for calculating the intrinsic exchange rates of labile protons in proteins. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. 2012;4(6):1852-1858.

15. T. Richa and T. Sivaraman. META: A computational tool for predicting metastable states in the folding pathways of proteins. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. 2011;3(9):1486-1490.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Research and Teaching


RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR), JAPAN
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Jun 2015
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship provides an opportunity to conduct collaborative research for overseas researchers under the guidance of their hosts in universities in Japan. I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Kuroda Lab, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Japan from June 2015 - May 2017, Structural bioinformatics has been my primary research area. I have successfully published my (postdoctoral work) results in the Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design (PMID:28028736) and also presented my work at various International conferences.

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