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Mercy Ebere Ndubueze-Ogaraku

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: Nigeria, Port Harcourt General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2013 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
2005 Master Agricultural Sciences
1997 Undergraduate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

My recent research interest is on analyzing how farmers' yield and productivity are influenced by access to healthcare services. Focusing mainly on access to and utilization of healthcare services by farmers as well as occupational hazards associated with agribusiness economic activities and firm productivity. Secondly, ongoing research on Niger Delta wetlands uses, resources availability and management. The study would seek to develop a policy framework needed in the use and management of wetland resources, especially in the Niger Delta Nigeria.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E. and Ekine, D. I. (2015). Application of the stochastic production frontier function model to cassava production in the floodplain area of Rivers State, Nigeria. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. 5 (4): 18-26.USA

2. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E., Onoja, A. O. and Monsi, B. (2016) A comparative analysis of productivities in shellfish collection in oil spill and non-oil spill communities of River State, Nigeria. Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development. 15 (1): 34-49. Columbia.

3. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E. and Onoja, A. O. (2017). The nexus between insurgency, environment and agricultural livelihoods in Nigeria. Nigerian Agricultural Policy Research Journal (NAPReJ). 3. (1). 11-27, Nigeria. The present volume of NAPReJ is 5

4. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E., Udensi, U E. and Adedokun, O. M. (2017). Assessment of perceived impacts of livelihood activities among rural dwellers on the wetland areas of Rivers State, Nigeria. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International. 13(4): 1-14. India.

5. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E. and Amadi, E. M. (2017). Analysis of loan accessed by cooperative society farmers from the Bank of Agriculture (BoA), in Imo State, Nigeria. Albanian J. Agric. Sci. 16 (4): 179-186, Albania.

6. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E., Graves, A. and Parsons, D. J. (2018). Does farm output differ among women farmers using healthcare service options in Niger Delta, Nigeria? International Journal of Management and Applied Science. 4 (7). 84- 89. India.

7. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E. and Ogaraku, N. S. (2018). Health risks and challenges of rural farmers in crude oil-producing communities in Imo State, Nigeria. International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJASEAT), 6(3): 25-29 India.

8. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E., Elum, Z. A. and Edoja, J . A. (2018). Comparative analysis of plantain output in crude oil and non-crude oil drilling communities in Delta State, Nigeria, International Journal of Development and Sustainability. 7 (10): 2358-2371, Japan

9. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E. and Edward, K. O. (2018). Assessment of artisanal fishing in Oyorokoto fishing settlement, Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria, African Journal of Agriculture Technology and Environment. 7(2): 153- 162 Nigeria.

10. Ndubueze-Ogaraku, M. E. and Ekine, D. I. (2018). Factors influencing farmers’ choice of crops in the floodplain farms in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Albanian Journal of Agric Science. 17 (3): 178-185. Albania.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study
Agricultural productivity in Africa is the lowest in the world with many households not able to feed themselves, especially in Nigeria. Domestic food production growth is still low despite several government intervention programmes in Nigeria. Efforts by the various government in finding a solution to persistent low food production in the country have not yielded the desired results. Empirical studies are ongoing seeking to determine how impacts of direct farm and non-direct farm production resources like health and wellbeing could affect farm productivity. Therefore, research activities investigating how farmers’ access to healthcare services especially women farmers could influence farm productivity. A research outcome on women access to healthcare services and effects on farm productivity which examined the link between healthcare services and farm productivity is presently awaiting a response from the editorial board. This study was carried out in Niger Delta, Nigeria and factors which affected access to healthcare services, and how access to healthcare services affect agricultural productivity amongst women farmers. Tthe study further analyzed women farmers’ access to healthcare services and farm technical efficiency level in Niger Delta, Nigeria. There is ongoing research investigating occupational hazards analysis in agribusiness sectors in Nigeria focusing on how occupational health hazards could affect firm productivity and revenue earning. The study will also determine strategies and safety control measures that would reduce occupational hazards among agribusiness workers. In the same vain, my research focus would consider climate change and food safety identifying existing links between climate change and food safety. At the same time finding solutions to how farmers would ensure safe practices in food production, preparation and handling.

Workshop and Conference Attended

23rd- 26th April, 2017 University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria Assessment of entrepreneurial skills in the seasonal fruits (Tetracarpidium conophorum and Dacryodes edulis) marketing in Obio/AkporLocal Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria.
2017 Abraka University, Asaba The nexus between insurgency, environment and agricultural livelihoods in Nigeria.
2018 Mercure Hotel, London Heathrow, Uk Does farm output differ among women farmers using healthcare service options in Niger Delta, Nigeria.


Agricultural Policy Research Policy Network (APRNet)
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

May 2009
Rivers State Government PhD Scholarship Award 2009
The ward was used to complete my PhD research titled ' Application of Stochastic Production Frontier Function Model to Cassava and Fluted Pumpkin Production in Floodplains of Rivers and Akwa Ibom States, Nigeria.
Oct 2017
Post-Doctoral Commowealth Academic Schilarship Award UK
Commonwealth Post-Doctoral Award was obtained in 2017 to complete a research uptake on analysis of women farmers access to healthcare services, and effects on farm productivity in Niger Delta Nigeria. The study was carried out at Cranfield University Uk through October, 2017 to July 2018.

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