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Maryse Dadina Nkoua Ngavouka

Country of origin: Congo, Republic Currently in: Congo, Republic, Brazzaville General field of specialization: Physics
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Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Physics
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


Part of my research focuses on energy production, mainly from Biofuels and solar panels. Biofuel is produced through the integration of solar heat in a parabolic concentrator into thermochemical processes of biomass (e.g. Algae). The main objective is to create a microgrid system for Congolese communities.

Research Keywords: 
dye solar cells
energy access

Publications resulting from Research: 

• Phwey S. Gil, Daniel J. Lacks, Pietro Parisse, Loredana Casalis, Maryse D. Nkoua Ngavouka. ‘Single-stranded DNA brush structure is governed by intramolecular interactions mediated by the ion environment “. Soft Matter 2018.
• M. D. Nkoua Ngavouka, P. Capaldo, E. Ambrosetti , L. Casalis, G. Scoles, P. Parisse. "Mismatch detection in DNA monolayers by Atomic Force Microscopy and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy”. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 2016.
• M. D. Nkoua Ngavouka, A. Bosco, L. Casalis, P. Parisse. "Determination of average distance in variable density ssDNA nanobrushes in the presence of different cations species”. Macromolecules 2014.
• G. Doni, M. D. Nkoua Ngavouka, A. Barducci, P. Parisse, A. De Vita,G. Scoles, L. Casalis, G. M. Pavan. "Structural and energetics basis for hybridization limits in high-density DNA monolayers”. Nanoscale 2013.

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Fellowship with OWSD

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Early Career Fellowship awarded 2018

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