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Linda Dyorisse Nyamen Mbong

Country of origin: Cameroon Currently in: Cameroon, Yaoundé General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
Early Career FellowshipPhD Fellowship Alumna
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Academic Background


2013 Doctorate Chemical Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Chemical Sciences

* Synthesis of metal complexes (dithiocarbamates, schiff bases) * Synthesis of metal sulphide nanomaterials in green solvents using complexes as single source precursors by thermolysis and AACVD techniques * Evaluation of the photocatalytic activities of the nanomaterials * Functionnalization of the surface of nanomaterials

Publications resulting from Research: 

1- Yepseu, A.P.; Girardet, T., Nyamen, L.D.; Fleutot, S.; Ketchemen, K.I.Y.; Cleymand, F.; Ndifon, P.T. Copper (II) Heterocyclic Thiosemicarbazone Complexes as Single-Source Precursors for the Preparation of Cu9S5 Nanoparticles: Application in Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue, Catalysts, 2022, 12, 61.

2- G.A. Tigwere, Malik D.Khan, L.D. Nyamen, A. A. Aboud, T. Moyo, S.T. Dlamini, P.T. Ndifon, N. Revaprasadu, Molecular precursor route for the phase selective synthesis of α-MnS or metastable γ-MnS nanomaterials for magnetic studies and deposition of thin films by AACVD, Mater. Sci. Semicond. Process., 2022, 139, 106330

3- A.P. Yepseu, L. Issac, L.D. Nyamen, F. Cleymand, A. Duta, P.T. Ndifon, Optical and photocatalytic properties of CuxS/ZnO composites thin films deposited by robotic spray pyrolysis deposition, Journal of nanomaterials, 2021, 1-9

4- K. I. Y. Ketchemen, M. D. Khan, S. Mlowe, M. P. Akerman, I. Vitorica-Yrezabal, G. Whitehead, L.D. Nyamen, P.T. Ndifon, N. Revaprasadu, P. O'Brien; Crystal structures and physicochemical studies of some novel divalent and trivalent transition metal chelates of N-morpholine-N'-benzoylthiourea; J. Mol. Struct., 2021, 1229, 129791

5- K.I.Y. Ketchemen, S. Mlowe, L.D. Nyamen, P.T. Ndifon, N. Revaprasadu; Comparative study on the effect of precursors on the morphology and electronic properties of CdS nanoparticles; Turkish J. Chem., 2021, 45, 400-409

6- W. N. Kun, P. D. McNaughter, L. D. Nyamen, B. F. Spencer, P. O’Brien, P. T. Ndifon, N. Revaprasadu; Synthesis of (Bi1-xSbx)2S3 solid solutions via thermal decomposition of bismuth and antimony piperidine dithiocarbamates; RSC Adv., 2019, 9, 15836 - 15844

7- K. I. Y. Ketchemen, M. D. Khan, S. Mlowe, L. D. Nyamen, P. T. Ndifon, P. O’Brien, N. Revaprasadu. Tailoring Shape and Crystallographic Phase of Copper Sulfide Nanostructures Using Novel Thiourea Complexes as Single Source Precursors. J Inorg Organomet Polym, 2019, 1-11

8- K. I. Y. Ketchemen, Sixberth Mlowe, L. D. Nyamen, Peter T. Ndifon, Neerish Revaprasadu, Paul O’Brien; CdS thin films deposition by AACVD: Effect of precursor type, decomposition temperature and solvent; J. Mater Sci: Mater. Electron., 2018, 29(17), 14462-14470.

9- W. N. Kun, S. Mlowe, L. D. Nyamen, M. P. Akerman, P. O’Brien, P. T. Ndifon and N.Revaprasa, Deposition of Bi2S3 thin films from heterocyclic bismuth(III) dithiocarbamato complexe, Polyhedron 2018, 154, 173

10- K. I. Y. Ketchemen, S. Mlowe, L. D. Nyamen, A. A. Aboud, M. P. Akerman, P. T. Ndifon, P. O’Brien, N. Revaprasadu, Heterocyclic lead(II) thioureato complexes as single-source precursors for the aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition of PbS thin films, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2018, 479, 42-48.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Synthesis of nanocomposites for industrial water treatment

Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship awarded 2008

Early Career Fellowship awarded 2020

PHD Graduation 2012

OWSD 6th General Assembly certificate: download

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