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Olubanke Olujoke Ogunlana

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: Nigeria, Ota General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
Academic Background


2012 Doctorate Biological Systems and Organisms
2002 Master Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Biological Systems and Organisms

My research activities include an assessment of the biological impact of herbal products, phytochemicals, and plants' peptides in different models and systems.

Publications resulting from Research: 

(1) Okesola, M.A., Ogunlana, O., Afolabi, I., Onasanya, A. (2021). Ameliorative effect of Zingiber officinale on chemical induced DNA damage in rats using PCR analysis. Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 11(4), 11135–11144
(2) Ogunlana OO, Adetuyi BO, Adekunbi TS, Adegboye BE, Iheagwam FN, Ogunlana OE (2021) Ameliorative effect of Ruzu herbal bitters on high-fat diet induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Wistar rats. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy Research 9(3): 251–260. Impact Factor of 0.18
(3) Adetuyi, B.O., Adebisi, O.A., Awoyelu, E.H., Adetuyi, O.A. and Ogunlana, O.O., (2021) Phytochemical and Toxicological Effect of Ethanol Extract of Heliotropium Indicum on Liver of Male Albino Rats. Letters in Applied Bioscience. 10(2): 2085 – 2095.
(4) Odutayo, O.E., Omonigbehin, E.A., Olawole, T.D., Ogunlana, O.O. and Afolabi, I.S., 2020. Fermentation Enhanced Biotransformation of Compounds in the Kernel of Chrysophyllum albidum. Molecules, 25(24), p.6021. Impact Factor of 0.7
(5) Oluwafemi Adetuyi, B., Olamide Okeowo, T., Adefunke Adetuyi, O., Abraham Adebisi, O., Ogunlana, O.O., Janet Oretade, O., Marraiki, N., Beshbishy, A.M., N Welson, N. and Batiha, G.E.S. (2020). Ganoderma Lucidum from Red Mushroom Attenuates Formaldehyde-Induced Liver Damage in Experimental Male Rat Model. Biology, 9(10), p.313. Impact Factor of 1.74
(6) Adedeji, E.O., Ogunlana, O.O., Fatumo, S. Thomas Beder, Yvonne Ajamma, Rainer Koenig and Ezekiel Adebiyi (2020). Anopheles metabolic proteins in malaria transmission, prevention and control: a review. Parasites Vectors 13, 465. Impact Factor of 1.41
(7) Olubanke O. Ogunlana, Oluseyi E. Ogunlana, Tobi S. Adekunbi, Babatunde O. Adetuyi, Bose E. Adegboye, and Franklyn N. Iheagwam (2020). Anti-inflammatory Mechanism of Ruzu Bitters on Diet-Induced Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Male Wistar Rats. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2020 Impact Factor of 0.51
(8) Iheagwam F.N., Israel E.N., Kayode K.O., De Campos O.C., Ogunlana O.O. and Chinedu S.N. (2020). Nauclea latifolia Sm. Leaf Extracts Extenuates Free Radicals, Inflammation, and Diabetes-Linked Enzymes. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. Special Issue: The Interplay of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation: Mechanistic Insights and Therapeutic Potential of Antioxidants. Volume 2020, Article ID: 5612486, 13 pages. , Impact Factor of 1.39
(9) Iheagwam, F.N., Israel, E.N., Kayode, K.O., De Campos, O.C., Ogunlana, O.O. and Chinedu, S.N., 2019. GC-MS Analysis and Inhibitory Evaluation of Terminalia catappa Leaf Extracts on Major Enzymes Linked to Diabetes. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2019. Impact Factor of 0.51
(10) Iheagwam, F.N., Ogunlana, O.O. and Chinedu, S.N., 2019. Model Optimization and In Silico Analysis of Potential Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV Antagonists from GC-MS Identified Compounds in Nauclea latifolia Leaf Extracts. International journal of Molecular Sciences, 20(23), p.5913. Impact Factor of 1.32
(11) Popoola, J.O., Egwari, L.O., Adekunle, A., Ogunlana, O.O. and Omonhinmin, C.A., 2019. Genetic Variability and Development of Cassava Based Products Using Morphometric and RAPD Markers. Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 18, pp.26-32. Impact Factor of 0.29
(12) Iheagwam, F.N., Okeke, C.O., DeCampos, O.C., Okere, D.U., Ogunlana, O.O. and Chinedu, S.N., 2019, August. Safety evaluation of Terminalia catappaLinn (Combretaceae) aqueous leaf extract: Sub-acute cardio-toxicopathological studies in albino Wistar rats. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1299, No. 1, p. 012109). IOP Publishing.
(13) Iheagwam, F.N., Ogunlana, O.O., Ogunlana, O.E., Isewon, I. and Oyelade, J. (2019). Potential anti-cancer flavonoids isolated from Caesalpinia bonduc young twigs and leaves: molecular docking and in silico studies. Bioinformatics and Biology Insights, 13, p.1177932218821371. Impact Factor of 0.97

Current profession

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Higher Education Study
A professor of Biochemistry

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