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Eucharia Okoro

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: Nigeria, Nsukka General field of specialization: Physics
Academic Background


2014 Doctorate Physics
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


Ozone variations, pollutions, Space research especially, the effects of geomagnetic storms on earth; the effect on ionosphere affecting telecommunications, radio signals and so on. Recently, the Nigerian government has taken great interest in space research programs

Publications resulting from Research: 

(1) Daniel Okoh and Eucharia Okoro (2020) “On the Relationships Between Sunspot Number and Solar Radio Flux at 10.7 Centimeters” Solar Physics vol. 295(1), DOI: 10.1007/s11207-019-1566-8.

(2) Sivla W. T., Ogunjobi O., Okoro E. C., Ugonabo O. J. and Orji P.O (2019) “Thermospheric neutral winds over Abuja, Nigeria” International Journal of physical sciences vol. 14(2), pp. 15-20. DOI: 10.5897/IJPS2018.4773

(3) Joseph Obu, Eucharia Okoro and Sivla William (2018) “A comparative study of Nigerian GNSS Reference Network’s – Global Positioning System (NIGNET’s-GPS) vertical Total Electron Content (vTEC) measurements with the International Reference Ionosphere - Total Electron Content (IRI-TEC) predictions over Calabar, Nigeria” International Journal of physical sciences vol. 13(6), pp. 90-97

(4) W. T. Sivla, • O. J. Ugonabo, • E. C. Okoro (2018) “High-latitude thermospheric zonal winds during low solar activity period” International journal of physical sciences vol. 13(2), pp. 8-15

(5) Shehu, M. U, Said, R. S and Okoro, E. C (2017) “The trend of Ionospheric Total Electron Content near the Equator” Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences vol. 10 (1), pp. 258-264

(6) Moses Owoicho Audu, Francisca Nneka Okeke and Eucharia Chidinma Okoro (2017) “Variability of maximum temperature and its decadal anomaly over Nigeria: Possible connection with Solar and geomagnetic activity” International Journal of Physical Sciences vol. 12 (14), pp. 163-174

(7) Okoro, E.C and Okeke F.N (2017) “Effects of Zonal Wind on Stratospheric Ozone Variations Over Nigeria” International Journal of Remote Sensing vol. 38 (6), pp. 1665-1681

(8) Okeke F.N, Okoro E.C and Ugwu E.B.I (2016) “Investigating H and Z geomagnetic component disturbance field in the mid-latitude” International Journal of Physical Sciences vol. 11(5), pp. 66-70

(9) Francisca N. Okeke, Esther A. Hanson, Eucharia C. Okoro, Isikwue B. C. and Oby J. Ugonabo (2013), “Formation and identification of counter electrojet (CEJ)” International Journal of Physical Sciences vol. 8 No 15, pp. 604-612

F. N. Okeke and E. C. Okoro (2010), “Aerosol research in Nigeria” The Nigeria Journal of Space Research (NJSR) vol. 9; 17 – 36.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study
Lecturing and conducting experiments in Physics and Scientific research supervision for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. Also, holding a visiting scholar fellowship position at the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC), CAS Key Laboratory of Solar Activity in Beijing, China, from December 2018 to January 2021.


National Astronomical Society
American Geophysical Union (AGU),

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