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Abiola Olaniran

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: Nigeria, Omu-Aran General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2016 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

Formulation of weaning food from common food, Biopreservation, curbing post harvest loss

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Olaniran, A. F. and Abiose, S. H. Nutritional evaluation of enhanced unsieved Ogi Paste with Garlic and Ginger (2019). Preventive Nutrition and Food Science 24(3):348-356
2. Okonkwo C. E, Olaniran A., Ojediran J.O, Olayanju T. A., Ajao F., Alake A. S. (2019). Design, Development and Evaluation of Locust Bean Seed Dehuller. Journal of Food Process Engineering. Doi 10.1111/jfpe.12963.
3. Olaniran, A. F., Abiose, S. H. and Gbadamosi, S. O. Quality Attributes and Acceptability of Ogi Flour Biofortified with Garlic and Ginger (2019). Journal of Health Science. 7(2): 7(2): 101-109. doi: 10.17265/2328-7136/2019.02.005
4. Olaniran, A. F., Okolie, C., Abu, H. E., Afolabi R. O., Owolabi A. Preservative Effect of Garlic-ginger, Sodium Benzoate and Ascorbic Acid in Unpasteurized Cashew Apple Juice (2019). Asian Journal of Scientific Research.12: 414-420.
5. Olaniran, A. F. and Abiose, S. H. Proximate and Antioxidant activities of Bio-Preserved Ogi flour with garlic and ginger (2018). F1000 research. 7:1936 (1-16)
6. Olayanju T. A., Okonkwo C. E,, Ojediran J.O, Alake A. S., Okunola, A. A., Alhassan, E. A., Olaniran A. and Idahosa E. O. (2018). Development of an improved gari fryer. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology. 9 (11): 769-788
7. Olaniran, A. F., Abiose, S. H. and Adeniran, A. H. (2015). Biopreservative effect of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and Garlic powder (Allium sativum) on Tomato paste. Journal of Food Safety. 35: 440-452.
8. Nwonuma CO, Adelani-Akande TA, Osemwegie OO , Olaniran AF, Adeyemo T. A. Comparative study of the phytochemicals and in vitro (2019) :81
9. Olaniran A and Abiose S: Data for Proximate and antioxidant activities of biopreserved ogi flour with garlic and ginger (2018). figshare. Paper.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Lecturer and researcher in Landmark University, Omu- Aran


American Society for Microbiologist

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