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Ednah Ototo

Country of origin: Kenya Currently in: Kenya, Kisumu General field of specialization: Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Academic Background


2011 Master Biological Systems and Organisms
2007 Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences

Effects of Climate change on Malaria in Western Kenya

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Andrew K. Githeko, Ednah Ototo, Pamela Muange, Guofa Zhou, Guiyun Yan, James Sang., 2018. The launch and operation of the malaria epidemic early warning system in Kenya. Science Publishing Group Journal 1(2).

2. Ototo, E.N., Zhou, G., Kamau, L., Mbugi, J.P., Wanjala, C.L., Machani, M., Atieli, H., Githeko, A.K. and Yan, G., 2017. Age-specific Plasmodium parasite profile in pre and post ITN intervention period at a highland site in western Kenya. Malaria journal, 16(1), p.466.

3. Ototo, E.N., Mbugi, J.P., Wanjala, C.L., Zhou, G., Githeko, A.K., Yan, G., 2015. Surveillance of malaria vector population density and biting behaviour in western Kenya. Malaria journal 14:244.

4. Christine L. Wanjala, Jernard P. Mbugi, Ednah Ototo, Maxwell Gesuge, Yaw A. Afrane, Harrysone E. Atieli, Guofa Zhou, Andrew K. Githeko, and Guiyun Yan, 2015. Pyrethroid and DDT Resistance and Organophosphate Susceptibility among Anopheles spp. Mosquitoes, Western Kenya. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 21(12): 2178–2181

5. Christine L. Wanjala, Guofa Zhou , Jernard Mbugi , Jemimah Simbauni , Yaw A. Afrane, Ednah Ototo, Maxwell Gesuge, Harrysone Atieli , Andrew K. Githeko and Guiyun Yan, 2015. Insecticidal decay effects of long-lasting insecticide nets and indoor residual spraying on Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles arabiensis in Western Kenya. Parasites & Vectors 8:588

6. Zhou G, Li JS, Ototo EN, Atieli HE, Githeko AK, Yan G. Evaluation of universal coverage of insecticide-treated nets in western Kenya: An in-depth analysis. Malar Journal. 2014 Sep 3; 13:351

7. Githeko AK, Ogallo L, Lemnge M, Okia M, Ototo EN. Development and validation of climate and ecosystem-based early malaria epidemic prediction models in East Africa. Malar Journal, 2014, 13:329

8. Githeko AK, Ototo EN, Guiyun Y. Progress towards understanding the ecology and epidemiology of malaria in the western Kenya highlands: opportunities and challenges for control under climate change risk. Acta Tropica 2012, 121(1):19-25

9. Ototo EN, Githeko AK, Wanjala CL, Scott TW. Surveillance of vector populations and malaria transmission during an El Niño in the Western Kenya highlands: Opportunities for early detection of malaria hyper-transmission. Parasites and Vectors. 2011, 4:144

10. Ototo EN (2013). Relationship between biting frequency and surface proteins of circum-sporozoite and merozoite stages in highlands of western Kenya. Egerton University,

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study
PhD Candidate at Kenyatta University in Kenya

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