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Sara Regina Purca

Country of origin: Peru Currently in: Peru, Lima General field of specialization: Interdisciplinary
Academic Background


2005 Doctorate Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences
1998 Undergraduate Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


I obtained the "L’oreal National Prize- UNESCO-CONCYTEC for Women in Science 2017" sponsored by CONCYTEC, Science National Academy (ANC) and L’oreal in Perú. Currently, I am part of the National Pro-Women in Science, with the aim of proposing mechanisms that make women's work in science visible. The current research foci on the evaluation of the presence of marine litter in fishery resources.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Purca, S., & Henostroza, A. (2017). Presencia de microplásticos en cuatro playas arenosas de Perú. Revista peruana de biología 24(1): 101-106. Doi:
2. Graco, M., Purca, S., Dewitte, B., Moron, O., Ledesma, J., Flores, G., Castro, C., Gutierrez, D. (2017) The OMZ and nutrients features as a signature of interannual and low frequency variability in the Peruvian upwelling system. Biogeosciences Discuss, 12, 1-37, doi:, 2017
3. Quiñones, J., Mianzan, H., Purca, S., Robinson, K.L., Adams, G.A., Acha, E.M. (2015) Climate-driven population size fluctuations of jellyfish (Chrysaora plocamia) off Peru. Marine Biology: doi: 10.1007/s00227-015-2751-4
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5. Carre, M., Sachs, JP., Purca, S., Schauer, AJ., Braconnot, P., Angeles, R., Julien, M., Lavallée, D. (2014) Holocene history of ENSO variance and asymmetry in the Eastern tropical Pacific. Science. 345, 1045. Doi: 10.1126/science. 1252220
6. Carre, M., Purca, S., Sachs, JP. (2013) Reconstructing ENSO in the Eastern Tropical Pacific from short-lived marine mollusks. Pages documentaries 08/2013; 21(2):56-57.
7. Vazquez-Cuervo, J., Dewitte, B., Chin, TM., Armstrong, E. M., Purca, S., Alburqueque, E. (2013) An analysis of SST gradients off the Peruvian Coast: The impact of going to higher resolution, Remote Sensing of Environment, 131 , 76-84
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11. Gutiérrez, D., Bouloubassi, I., Sifeddine, A., Purca, S., Goubanova, K., Graco, M., … Ortlieb, L. (2011), Coastal cooling and increased productivity in the main upwelling zone off Peru since the mid-twentieth century, Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L07603, doi:10.1029/2010GL046324.
12. Tam, J., Blaskovic, V., Goya, E., Bouchon, M., Taylor, M. H., Oliveros-Ramos, R., … Purca, S. (2011) Relación entre la anchoveta y otros componentes del ecosistema. Boletín del IMARPE, 25, 1-2:31-37
13. Quiñones, J., Gonzalez, V., Zeballos, C. J., Purca, S., Mianzan, H. (2010). Effects of El Niño-driven environmental variability on black turtle migration to Peruvian foraging grounds. Hydrobiologia, 645:69–79. doi: 10.1007/s10750-010-0225-8
14. Ochoa, N., Taylor, Marc H., Purca, S., Ramos, E. (2010) Intra- and interannual variability of nearshore phytoplankton biovolume and community changes in the northern Humboldt Current system. Journal of Plankton Research. doi:10.1093
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19. Dewitte, B., Purca, S., Illig, S., Renault, L., Giese, B. (2008) Low-frequency modulation of the intraseasonal equatorial Kelvin wave activity in the Pacific ocean from SODA: 1958-2001. J. Climate, Notes. 21, (22) 6060-6069.
20. Tam, J., Purca, S., Duarte, L.O., Blaskovic, V., Espinosa, P. (2006) Changes in the diet of hake associated with El Niño 1997-1998 in the Northern Humboldt current ecosystem off Peru. First Alexander vonHumboldt International Conference. Advances in Geosciencies, 6: 63-68
21. Ayón, P., Purca, S., Guevara-Carrasco, R. (2004) Zooplankton volume trends off Peru between 1964 to 2001. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 61: 478-484
22. Montecinos, A., Purca, S., Pizarro, O. (2003) Interannual to interdecadal sea surface temperature variability along the western coast of South America. Geophysical Research Letters, 30: 1570.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
The current research foci on the evaluation of the presence of marine litter in fishery resources along the coast of Peru and Lake Titicaca, where volunteering of “scientific citizens” will be promoted to raise awareness of Peruvian society with the problem of plastic pollution in the sea.

Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Aug 2017
The L’oreal National Prize- UNESCO-CONCYTEC for Women in Science 2017
This prize sponsored by National Council Science Technology and Innovation (CONCYTEC), Science National Academy (ANC) and L’oreal in Perú.

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