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Amall Ramanathan

Country of origin: Jordan Currently in: Jordan, Amman General field of specialization: Physics
Academic Background


2008 Doctorate Interdisciplinary
1981 Master Physics
1979 Master Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


Surface, structural, electronic, kinetic and magnetic properties of transition metal nanostructures, using DFT computer simulation software programs; Optical and transport properties of Graphene and 2D layered material polymer composites; Currently, exploring optical, transport, magnetic and catalytic properties of novel hybrid nanostructures of low dimensional MoS2 (2D Molybdenum disulphate) for energy, environmental and biomedical applications.

Publications resulting from Research: 

List of publications

1. Ramanathan, A.A., (2018) Defect Functionalization of MoS2 nanostructures as toxic gas sensors_ conference proceedings ICAM2017, IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 305 012001, doi:10.1088/1757-899X/305/1/012001
2. Ramanathan, A.A, and Khalifeh, J.M., (2017) The electronic and thermoelectric properties of Si1-xVx alloy from first principles, Applied Microscopy,
3. Ramanathan, A.A, and Khalifeh, J.M., (2017) Substrate matters: Magnetic tuning of the Fe monolayer, JMMM, 426 450–453.
4. Ramanathan, A.A, (2013) A DFT calculation of Nb and Ta (001) Surface Properties, JMP, Special issue-DFT, 4, 432-437
5. Ramanathan, A.A., Khalifeh, J.M., Hamad, B. (2011) A DFT study of substrate effect on the magnetism of V(001) surface, Surf. Sci., 605, 1074-1076
6. Ramanathan, A.A., and Khalifeh, J.M., (2010) Surface structural properties of the V, Nb and Ta (001) surfaces, TMS 2010, 139th Annual Meeting Supplemental Proceedings, Volume 1, Materials Processing and Properties, Wiley: ISBN: 978-0-87339-751-3, vol.1 pg. 779
7. Ramanathan, A.A., (2010) Magnetism of a V Monolayer on Nb(001): A first principles calculation, TMS 2010, 139th Annual Meeting Supplemental Proceedings, Volume 3, General Paper Selections, Wiley: ISBN: 978-0-87339-753-7, vol.3 pg. 63
8. Ramanathan, A.A., Khalifeh, J.M., Hamad, B. (2009) Structure and magnetism of the V/Ta(0 01) surface: A DFT calculation, JMMM, 321, 3804–3807.
9. Ramanathan, A.A., Khalifeh, J.M., Hamad, B. (2008) Evidence of surface magnetism in the V/Nb(0 0 1) system: A total energy pseudopotential calculation. Surf. Sci.,602, Issue 2, 607-613.
10. Ramanathan, A.A., Khalifeh, J.M., Hamad, B. (2008) The Structure and magnetism of Fe/Mo(001) surface: A pseudopotential calculation, JMMM, 320 (2008) 2629.

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