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Saima Rasheed

Country of origin: Pakistan Currently in: Pakistan, Karachi General field of specialization: Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
Academic Background


2013 Doctorate Chemical Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology

Macromolecular Crystallography Diabetes Glycation of Macro-molecules

Publications resulting from Research: 

Rasheed, S., Malik, S.A., Falke, S., Arslan, A., Fazel, R., Schlüter, H., Betzel, C. and Choudhary, M.I., 2018. Isolation and initial structural characterization of a 27 kDa protein from Zingiber officinale. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1156, pp.330-335.

Ahmad, M.S., Rasheed, S., Falke, S., Khaliq, B., Perbandt, M., Choudhary, M.I., Markiewicz, W.T., Barciszewski, J. and Betzel, C., 2018. Crystal Structure of Mistletoe Lectin I (ML-I) from Viscum album in Complex with 4-N-Furfurylcytosine at 2.85 Å Resolution. Medicinal Chemistry, 14(8), pp.754-763.

Fadul, E., Nizamani, A., Rasheed, S., Adhikari, A., Yousuf, S., Parveen, S., Gören, N., Alhazmi, H.A., Choudhary, M.I. and Khalid, A., 2019. Anti-glycating and anti-oxidant compounds from traditionally used anti-diabetic plant Geigeria alata (DC) Oliv. & Hiern. Natural product research, pp.1-9.

Rasheed, S., Sánchez, S.S., Yousuf, S., Honoré, S.M. and Choudhary, M.I., 2018. Drug repurposing: In-vitro anti-glycation properties of 18 common drugs. PloS one, 13(1), p.e0190509.

Siddiqui, M.A., Rasheed, S., Saquib, Q., Al-Khedhairy, A.A., Al-Said, M.S., Musarrat, J. and Choudhary, M.I., 2016. In-Vitro dual inhibition of protein glycation, and oxidation by some Arabian plants. BMC complementary and alternative medicine, 16(1), p.276.

Kashtoh, H., Muhammad, M.T., Khan, J.J., Rasheed, S., Khan, A., Perveen, S., Javaid, K., Khan, K.M. and Choudhary, M.I., 2016. Dihydropyrano [2, 3-c] pyrazole: novel in vitro inhibitors of yeast α-glucosidase. Bioorganic chemistry, 65, pp.61-72.

Javaid, K., Saad, S.M., Rasheed, S., Moin, S.T., Syed, N., Fatima, I., Salar, U., Khan, K.M., Perveen, S. and Choudhary, M.I., 2015. 2-Arylquinazolin-4 (3H)-ones: A new class of α-glucosidase inhibitors. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 23(23), pp.7417-7421.

Abbasi, S., Mirza, S., Rasheed, S., Hussain, S., AJ Khan, J., Mohammed Khan, K., Perveen, S. and Iqbal Choudhary, M., 2014. Benzothiazole Derivatives: Novel Inhibitors of Methylglyoxal Mediated Glycation of Proteins In Vitro. Medicinal Chemistry, 10(8), pp.824-835.

Taha, M., Naz, H., Rasheed, S., Ismail, N., Rahman, A., Yousuf, S. and Choudhary, M., 2014. Synthesis of 4-methoxybenzoylhydrazones and evaluation of their antiglycation activity. Molecules, 19(1), pp.1286-1301.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
I am working to establish macromolecular crystallography laboratory at ICCBS, University of Karachi and actively involved in the training of young Ph.D. and MS researchers in this field.


University of Karachi Alumni
ICCBS Alumni Club
Chemical Society of Pakistan
Pakistan Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Nov 2018
Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award
Training and Exchange offered by SESAME - Sweden, at MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University, Lund Sweden for talented researchers of SESAME member states working in the filed of macromolecular Crystallography.
May 2019
OPEN-SESAME Training and Networking Programme for Science Managers and Administrators
Selected from Pakistan for OPEN-SESAME Training and Networking Programme for Science Managers and Administrators going to be held from 7-10 May 2018 at the Cyprus Institute (CyI) in Nicosia, Cyprus, and later from 8-11 October 2018 in Izmir, Turkey.
Dec 2017
Travel Grant/Award for 15th SESAME Users' Meeting, 18-19 December 2017
Selected for Travel grant to participate in the 15th SESAME Users' Meeting, held in Amman-Jordan, 18-19 December 2017
Oct 2016
IAEA-SESAME Fellowship Award for postdoctoral studies
On the basis of scientific achievements as young scientist, and upon the recommendation of Government of Pakistan (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission), International Atomic Energy Commission granted me “IAEA-SESAME Fellowship Award”, to carryout postdoctoral studies in University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.
Sep 2014
Travel grant from IUCr
Selected for Travel grant from “International Union of Crystallography ( IUCr President’s Fund )” and “University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany” to attend “15th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE CRYSTALLIZATION OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES (ICCBM15) (CONFERENCE AND PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP” in Hamburg, Germany).
Jul 2014
64th LINDAU NOBEL LAUREATE MEETING (Physiology and Medicine)”
Selected as a young Scientist to participate in “64th LINDAU NOBEL LAUREATE MEETING (Physiology and Medicine)” in Lindau, Germany.
Mar 2013
Travel Award from BIOVISION.NEXT
I was among 75 young scientists of the world, who were selected on the basis of scientific excellence, mobility, and involvement in civil society to participate in BIOVISION.NEXT-2013 FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME organized by BIOVISION - The World Life Sciences Forum, Lyon, France.