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Thejani Nilusha Rathmalgodage

Country of origin: Sri Lanka Currently in: Sri Lanka, Colombo General field of specialization: Engineering sciences
Academic Background


2020 Doctorate Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Engineering sciences

Application of anaerobic ceramic membrane bioreactors for treatment of domestic wastewater

Research Keywords: 
Domestic Wastewater
Anaerobic digestion
Ceramic membranes

Publications resulting from Research: 

Nilusha, R.T.; Wang, T.; Wang, H.; Yu, D.; Zhang, J.; Wei, Y. Optimization of In
Situ Backwashing Frequency for Stable Operation of Anaerobic Ceramic
Membrane Bioreactor. Processes 2020, 8, 545.

Nilusha, R.T.; Yu, D.; Zhang, J.; Wei, Y. Effects of Solids Retention Time on the Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor with Yttria-Based Ceramic Membrane Treating Domestic Wastewater at Ambient Temperature. Membranes 2020, 10, 196.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Preparation of comprehensive project proposal providing strong justification for medium/long term R&D projects/programs with multidisciplinary components to cater into the national needs on environmental pollution control such as to find solutions for leading environment problems, support SME sector, promote industrial development, conserve natural resources and support implementation of environmental regulation etc. Provide input on ecological aspect for all projects/ works/ services . Carry out laboratory scale treatability studies to generate basic technical information for technology adaptation, troubleshooting, new technology development etc. Carry out laboratory studies, industrial surveys, data evaluation, procession and simulation required for R&D projects and presentations for dissemination of information

Workshop and Conference Attended

1-5 December 2019 , Murdoch University,Perth,Western Australia 16th Specialised Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems
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