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Dalia Saad

Country of origin: Sudan Currently in: South Africa, Johhanesburg General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
PhD Fellowship Alumna
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Current Research Activities


Wastewater treatment Water and Gender

Research Keywords: 
water and gender
wastewater treatment

Publications resulting from Research: 

Saad et al., 2011, Development and application of cross-linked polyethylenimine for trace metal and metalloid removal from mining and industrial wastewaters. J. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, 93, 914-924.

Saad et al., 2012, Phosphonated cross-linked polyethylenimine for selective removal of uranium ions from aqueous solutions, J. Water Science and Technology, 66, 122- 129.

Saad et al., 2012, Sulphonated cross-linked polyethylenimine for selective removal of mercury from aqueous solutions, J. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, 94, 1916- 1929.

Saad et al., 2013, Selective removal of mercury from aqueous solutions using thiolated cross-linked polyethylenimine, J. Applied Water Science, DOI 10.1007/s13201-013-0100-7.

Saad et al., 2013, Functionalization of polyethylenimine for selective removal of As from mining wastewaters, J. Water SA, 39,257-264.

Saad et al., 2013, Modified cross-linked polyethylenimine for the removal of selenite from mining wastewaters, J. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, 95, 409- 421.

Saad et al., 2014, Column adsorption studies for the removal of U by phosphonated cross-linked polyethylenimine: modelling and optimization, Journal of Applied Water Science, DOI 10.1007/s13201-014-0162-1.

Saad et al., Engineered materials for the containment of uranium and other toxic elements in mine-polluted water, Proceedings of the 16th International Mine Water Association Symposium, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China, 2014, ISBN 978-7-5646-2437-8.

Saad D., Selective removal of heavy metals from mining wastewaters using physicochemical treatment technology, Proceeding of the 3rd International conference and exhibition on material science & engineering, USA, 6-8 October 2014, J Material Sci Eng 2014, 3:3 Doi: 10.4172/2169-0022.S1.014.

Saad et al., 2015, Removal of Cr(III) from acidic aqueous solutions using an insoluble polymeric adsorbent, J. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, In Press.

Current profession

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Prizes, Grants and Awards

TWAS Awards

Jul 2024

Other Awards

Nov 2015
The prize is awarded in recognition of scientific achievements and potential of academic/research leadership (by nomination only, nominated by TWAS).
Jun 2015
65th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting participant
Selected to participate in the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting (as one of the most outstanding young scientists worldwide), Germany, 28 June - 3 July 2015.
Apr 2012
TWAS/BioVisionAlexandria.NXT 2012 participant
Selected to participate in TWAS/BioVisionAlexandria.NXT 2012, (as one of the top 100 young promising scientists in the developing countries), April 2012.
May 2013
early career scientists SNOWS conference
Selected participate in early career scientists at the SNOWS Water and Sanitation conference (as one of the most outstanding young researchers working in Africa), Polokwane, South Africa, 27-30 May 2013.
Aug 2013
best poster presentation
Student best poster presentation award at Wits cross-faculty symposium, Johannesburg, South Africa 2nd August 2013.
Nov 2012
Best oral presentation
Student best oral presentations at South African Chemical Institute and Royal Society of Chemistry Young Chemist Symposium where I was representing Wits University, Pretoria, South Africa 9th November 2012.
Mar 2012
Golden Key International Honour Society
Awarded, Membership of Golden Key International Honour Society as one of top 15% Wits Academic achievers March 2012. (Membership by invitation only).
Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship with OWSD

Fellowship awarded 2009

OWSD 6th General Assembly certificate: download

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