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Beknazarova Saida

Country of origin: Uzbekistan Currently in: Uzbekistan, Tashkent General field of specialization: Computing and Information Technology
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Computing and Information Technology
2017 Doctorate Computing and Information Technology
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Computing and Information Technology

The theoretical significance of the results of the study is that the methods, models, algorithms and software developed on the basis of the use of methodologies, technologies, current version of software tools TIAV-multimedia system experimentally tested, developed and implemented in the real world. The theoretical propositions, models, methods, methodology of discrete-continuous processing of information resources TIAV-multimedia systems can reduce the complexity and significantly reduce the time of design and implementation TIAV-multimedia systems, for such an important and demanding tasks as diagnosis of technical objects, systems, management of complex organizational, manufacturing facilities and processes, monitoring and other marketing. Practical value result work and the accumulated experience in the development of static and dynamic TIAV-multimedia systems not only significantly reduce the available gap between global and domestic levels in solving the problems of a theoretical importance and complexity, but also provide a methodological framework for the training of qualified personnel in leading technical universities of Uzbekistan. Use TIAV-multimedia systems provides ease of perception person as the human perception of different information than a computer. The program complex multimedia system based on networking, supports developed methodology, which is a modern tool that includes a set of interconnected means of automation of discrete-continuous processing of different types of information in TIAV- multimedia systems, at all stages of the life cycle.

Publications resulting from Research: 

Beknazarova S.S. Modeling of TIAV Multimedia System. // International journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Research, Volume 6(187), India, 2015, (05.00.00; №13).
Beknazarova S.S. Methods for modeling the conceptual model of TIAV system. // Computer science and information technologies, USA, Volume 5, 2015 (05.00.00; №6).Beknazarova S.S. Model of the multy system. // Journal of Management, Information Technology and Engineering (BEST: JMITE) Vol. 1, Issue 1, Jun 2015, 33-36 (Impact factor 0.9986, JMITE, 2014).

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study
Connection of dissertational research with the plans of scientific-research works of universities is reflected in the following projects: the project application number A5-025: "Application of the logistics management system online marketing research in the modernization of the economy" (2012-2014.); №A5-026 applied projects "Development of models, algorithms and software package of media education system» (2015-2017 yy.); A5-065 "Development of software modules ordering and determine the effectiveness of the integrated power indicators of scientific capacity of higher education institutions" (2015-2017 yy.); And the number of innovative projects, №-I-2012-26: "The creation of modern systematic software for accounting and financial accounting of commercial and state-owned enterprises" (2012-2014 yy.); № I-2014-4-7: "Creating a platform of virtual demonstration site designs and technology developments in the 3 D format" (2014-2016 yy.); business agreement number F-554-15 "Development of methods and models of management of data flows TIAV - discrete-continuous processes of perception" (2015-2016 yy.).

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