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Debarati Sen

Country of origin: India Currently in: India, Kharagpur General field of specialization: Engineering sciences
Academic Background


2010 Doctorate Engineering sciences
2004 Master Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Engineering sciences

Debarati Sen is presently associated with the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur as an Associate Professor in the G.S.S. School of Telecommunications. She received her Master in Engineering in 2004 as a university topper from IIEST, Howrah, and PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from IIT- Kharagpur in 2010 as a National Doctoral Fellow. She was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Dept. of Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, and a Senior Chief Engineer at Samsung Research, Bangalore, India prior to join IIT-Kharagpur as an Assistant Professor in 2013. In 2014, Dr. Sen was a visiting faculty with the Institute for Communications Engineering, Technical University of Munich, Germany through the DAAD-IIT Faculty Exchange Program. In 2019, she was an academic visitor with the Dept. of ECSE, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. In her research, Dr. Sen focuses on Wireless and Optical Communication Systems, mostly on 5G & Beyond Communications, Millimeter Wave Communications, Large MIMO Systems, Short Range Communications, Terahertz Communications, Cloud RAN, and Baseband algorithm design for coherent optical communications. Her research is supported by a variety of Govt. organizations including MHRD, BEL, HAL, MeitY, DST, DRDO, Indian Railways and external collaborators like AIRBUS, Qualcomm, Samsung etc. Dr. Sen has 12 patent applications to her credit including few US Granted Patents, and published more than 100 papers in Journals and Conferences of repute. Her administrative responsibilities includes - editorial board membership of two international journals; TPC Co-Chair - IEEE NCC 2020, and IEEE ICIIS 2019; Publication Co-Chair, IEEE ANTS 2015; Member, Board of Studies, RV College of Engineering, Bangalore (2018-2021); Member, Mentor Council for NCVT courses, Min. of L&E, GoI (2014-2015); Member, RNES working group, TSDSI, India (Since 2014); Divisional IP Coordinator, Samsung Research, Bangalore (2013) etc. As Vice Chair, IEEE Kharagpur Chapter (2019), and Chair, IEEE WIE Kharagpur Chapter (2017-2019), Debarati is involved in Inspiring, Engaging, Encouraging and Empowering women in engineering. She is dedicated to facilitating the development of programs and activities that promote the entry and retention of women in science, technology and related fields. She is also associated with ‘Sarada Kalyan Bhandar’, a non-profit public philanthropic trust to nourish and elevate the under privileged Children, Youth, Women, and Uncared Old Ladies of neighbouring area through Education, Nutrition, Health Care and Environmental Awareness. She is the recipient of Best Paper Award at Samsung Tech. Conference 2010; IE(I) Young Engineers Award 2010; ‘Award of Excellence’ at Samsung Research, Bangalore in 2010; IETE N.V.G. Memorial Award 2013; Best Paper Award (Honorable Mention) at IEEE ANTS 2016, Bangalore; Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2017. She is a Senior Member of IEEE, Fellow of IE(I), and Life Member, Indian Science Congress Association.

Publications resulting from Research: 


1. Semi-Blind Data Detection and Non-linear Equalization in Full-duplex TWR-OFDM Systems with High Mobility by Chakrabarti S., Sen D. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (Accepted) - (2019)

2. Design and Deployment of UAV-Aided Post-Disaster Emergency Network by Panda K. G., Das S. , Sen D. , Arif W. IEEE Access 7 102985-102999 (2019)

3. An Iterative Semi-Blind Channel Estimation scheme and Uplink Spectral Efficiency of Pilot Contaminated One-bit Massive MIMO Systems by Boddupelly S., Mawatwal K. , Sen D. , Chakrabarti S. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 68(8) 7854-7868 (2019)

4. An Inclusive Survey on Array Antenna Design for Millimeter-Wave Communications by Ghosh S., Sen D. IEEE Access 7 83137-83161 (2019)

5. Iterative SAGE based Joint MCFOs and Channel Estimation for Full Duplex Two-Way Multi-relay Systems in Highly Mobile Environment by Chakraborty S., Sen D. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 17(11) 7379-7394 (2018)

6. Energy Efficient Scheduling for Concurrent Transmission in Millimeter Wave WPANs by Rakesh R. T., Das G. , Sen D. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 17(12) 2789-2803 (2018)

7. On Bounds of Spectral Efficiency of Optimally Beamformed NLOS Millimeter Wave Links by Rakesh R. T., Das G. , Sen D. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 67(4) 3646-3651 (2018)

8. Beamforming for Millimeter Wave Communications: An Inclusive Survey by Kutty S., Sen D. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials 18(2) 949-973 (2016)

9. Joint Estimation of Time, Frequency Offsets and Channel Gains with ICIs in EF multi-relay DMIMO-OFDM system by Chakraborty S., Sen D. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 66(7) 5822-5838 (2016)

10. A Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Algorithm for Massive MIMO Systems by Mawatwal K., Sen D. , Roy R. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 6(1) 70-73 (2017)


1. Method and System for joint Training Sequences design for correlated Channel and Frequency Offset Estimation (US Patent Publication # 20190068426 A1, Feb 28, 2019), by Chakraborty S., Sen Debarati (2019)

2. Wideband electromagnetically coupled microstrip patch antenna for 60 GHz millimeter wave phased array panel, (Indian Patent Application # 201931030816, July 30, 2019), by Ghosh S., Sen Debarati (2019)

3. A Method and System for Frequency Estimation using Modified MUSIC with Reduced Sample Size, (IPR & IR Cell, IIT-Kharagpur ID # 21341, May 26, 2017), by Mankar P. D., Sen Debarati, Ray P. (2017)

4. Method and Apparatus for Timing Synchronization at Sub-sampled rate for Sub-sampled Wideband Systems, (US Patent Grant # 9054905 B2, June 09, 2015), by Sen Debarati, Bynam K., Nair J. P., Naniyat A. (2015)

5. Method and System for Handling Interference Between a Low Power Network and a High Power Network Sharing a Common Frequency Band, (US Patent Publication # 20140328194 A1, Nov. 06, 2014), by Sen Debarati, Patro R. K., Thejaswi P. C. (2014)

6. System and Method for Sub-sampled OFDM based Sub-band Wideband for Energy Efficient UWB and 60GHz Communications, (Indian Patent Publication # 18/2013, May 03, 2013), by Nair J. P., Sen Debarati, Jos S., Naniyat A. (2013)

7. Timing Synchronization Method and Apparatus in a Wireless Communication System, (US Patent Grant # 8433012 B2, April 30, 2013), by Sen Debarati, Nair J. P., Jos S., Naniyat A. (2013)

8. Method and Apparatus for Generating Multiple Sets of Codes for Spread Spectrum based Communication Systems, (Indian Patent Publication # 43/2012, Oct. 26, 2012), by Jos S., Nair J. P., Sen Debarati, Naniyat A. (2012)

9. Methods and Devices for Handling Inter-Symbol Interference in a Sub-band Ultra-Wideband Communication Environment, (Indian Patent Publication # 05/2012, Feb. 03, 2012), by Bynam K., Nair J. P., Sen Debarati, Naniyat A. (2012)

10. Method and System of Frequency Synchronization for Sub-Band Multicarrier based Wideband Systems, (Indian Patent Publication # 48/2012, Nov. 30, 2012), by Sen Debarati, Nair J. P., Jos S., Naniyat A. (2012)

11. Scalable Sub-Band Ultra-wideband Communication System, (Indian Patent Publication # 05/2012, February 03, 2012), by Sen Debarati, Nair J. P., Naniyat A. (2012)

12. Method and System for Identifying an Emergency Signal of an Electronic Device by a Coordinator Device, (Indian Patent Publication # 29/2011, July 22, 2011), by Bynam K., Sen Debarati, Goyal G., Won E. (2011)

Current profession

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IE (India)
Indian Science Congress Association

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Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Jun 2017
Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, India
Dec 2016
‘Best Paper Award' (Honorable Mention) at IEEE ANTS 2016, Bangalore, India
May 2014
DAAD-IIT Faculty Exchange Fellow, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Apr 2013
IETE N V G Memorial Award
Nov 2010
‘Best Paper Award’ at Samsung Tech. Conference, Seoul, South Korea
Sep 2010
IE(I) Young Engineers Award
Mar 2010
‘Award of Excellence’ at Samsung Research, Bangalore, India
Mar 2006
National Doctoral Fellowship (NDF) of AICTE, Govt. of India
Sep 2008
Young Scientist Travel Support by DST, Govt. of India
Feb 2005
University Medal from IIEST, Howrah (Formerly BESU) for 1st in ME
Dec 1991
National Scholarship Certificate by Govt. of India for Secondary Board Examination