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Malti Sharma

Country of origin: India Currently in: India, Delhi-NCR General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
Academic Background


1999 Doctorate Chemical Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Chemical Sciences

Preparation,Characterization and applications of Metal and Mixed metal oxide Nanoparticles

Research Keywords: 
silver and copper nanoparticles

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Sharma, M., Pathak, M., Roy, B., Jain, L., Yadav, N., Sarkar, B., Kaur, M. & Sharma, M. (2015).Quantitative estimation of aspirin in various drugs: UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy and colorimetric studies. Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation. 1(1):157-162.
2. Pathak, M., Sharma, M., Roy, B., Rajput, M., Singh, R., Mittal, Y., Gandhi, E., Kashyap, N., Sweety. (2015).Comparative Evaluation of Plant based Natural pH Indicators. Proceedings of the India International Science Festival- Young Scientists’ Meet Department of Science and Technology, Government of India , Paper Code: Ind Science. 119:1-7.
3. Sharma, M., Pathak, M., Ojha, H., Kumari, R., Sharma, N., Roy, B. & Jain, G.(2016). Green synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles. Green Chem. & Tech. Lett. 2(2):103-109.
4. Sharma, M., Pathak, M., Roy,B., Chand, A., Dhanda,G., Abbasi, N.& Panchal, G.(2016). Green synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles and their characterization. J. Mat. Nanosci. 3(1): 8-10.
5. Sharma, M., Pathak, M., Ojha, H., Roy, B. (2017). Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using Cinnamomum verum, Syzygium aromaticum and Piper nigrum extract. Asian J. Chem. 28(8):1693-1696.
6. Pathak, M., Sharma, D., Sharma, M. and Sharma, N. (2018). Spectroscopic and thermodynamic studies of the binding mechanism of metformin to pepsin. J. Mol. Structure.1166: 183-189.
7. Sharma, M., Pathak, M. and Kapoor, P.N. (2018). The Sol-Gel Method: Pathway to ultrapure and homogeneous Mixed Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: A Review. Asian J. Chem. 30(7):1405-1412.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
teaching to undergraduate students and guiding them in some basic research areas

Presentation given

January 3-7,2002
Preparation and properties of Heterometallic compounds of Ba, Cu and Bi
Event: 89th Indian Science Congress, Lucknow
December 2-3, 2015
Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles
Event: RSC workshop on chemistry for tomorrow’s world, New Delhi

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