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Abdalla Mansour Selim Singer

Country of origin: Egypt Currently in: Egypt, Aswan General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2002 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
1995 Master Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

Publications resulting from Research: 

List of published research :-
1- A.M.Saleem,A.I.Zanouny ,and A.M.Singer (2017).Growth Performance ,
Nutrients Digestibility, and Blood Metabolites of Lambs Fed Diets
Supplemented with probiotics During Pre-and Post-Weaning Period.
Asian –Australas J. Anim.Sci.Vol.30,No.4:523-530.
2-Hoda Al-Zahar and A.M.Singer( 2017 ) ,Productive Performance of
lactating Baladi Goats Fed Different Energy and Protein Levels . J. of
Food industries and Nutrition Science Vol.(7)(2):97-107.
3-A.M.Saleem and A.M.Singer(2018) Growth Performance and Digestion
of Growing Lambs Fed Diets Supplemented with Glycerol. Animal
4-A.M.Singer ,A.M.Saleem and A.A.Marwan,(2018) Effect of Substituting
Different Levels of Sun Dried Moringa Oleifera Leaves as a source of
Protein in Early Weaning Rabbits Ration on Productive Performance and
Digestibility Coefficients and Some Blood Constituents Egyptian J.
Nutrition and Feeds 21(2):397-407.
5-A.M.Singer, and Hoda Al-Zahar.(2018) Effect of Diets Containing
Different Levels of Sun Dried Moringa Oleifera Leaves on Milk Yield,
Chemical Composition and Reproductive Performance of Rabbit Does.
Egyptian J. Nutrition and Feeds 21(2):417-426
6-A.A.Marwan and A.M.Singer(2018).Inflence of Exogenous Enzymes
Supplementation on Invitro Ruminal Fermentation and Productive
Performance of Sheep. Egyptian J. Nutrition and Feeds 21(3):501-512
7-A.A.Marwan,S.A.Mousa and A.M.Singer(2019).Imact of Feeding
Exogenous Fibrolytic Enzymes(EFE) on Digestibility ,Rumen
Fermentation ,Haemobiochemica Profile and Productive Performance in
Buffalo Calves. International Journal of Veterinary Science 8(3):123-133
8-A.M.Singer and A.A.Marwan.(2019)Effect of Bagasse as a Roughage
Source on Nutrient Digestibility ,Some Blood Constituents and Growth
Performance of Growing Beef Crossbreed Calves Egyptian J .Nutrition
and Feeds 22 ( 1) 45-5

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