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Talia Tene

Country of origin: Ecuador Currently in: Ecuador, Riobamba General field of specialization: Physics
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2017 Doctorate Physics
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I´am a researcher and lecturer at the Escuela Superior Politecnica de Chimborazo. My academic and research activities are related to the experimental field in the ionization radiation, radio protection and nuclear physics. In addition I collaborate in other groups to build experimental set up and in the experimental design.

Publications resulting from Research: 

Gomez, C. V., Robalino, E., Haro, D., Tene, T., Escudero, P., Haro, A., & Orbe, J. (2016). Structural and electronic properties of graphene oxide for different degree of oxidation1. Materials Today: Proceedings, 3(3), 796-802.

Coello-Fiallos, D., Tene, T., Guayllas, J. L., Haro, D., Haro, A., & Gomez, C. V. (2017). DFT comparison of structural and electronic properties of graphene and germanene: monolayer and bilayer systems. Materials Today: Proceedings, 4(7), 6835-6841.

Audelo, M. (2013). Implementing a WCD detector system in Riobamba (Ecuador) as part of the LAGO Project. In Proceedings of the 33th International Cosmic Ray Conference ICRC (Vol. 1208).

Reino, W., Pucha, G., Recalde, C., Tene, T., & Cadena, P. (2018, August). Occurrence of radioactive materials in pyroclastic flows of Tungurahua volcano using gamma spectrometry. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2003, No. 1, p. 020014). AIP Publishing.

Gomez, C. V., Guevara, M., Tene, T., Lechon, L. S., Merino, B., Brito, H., & Bellucci, S. (2018, August). Energy gap in graphene and silicene nanoribbons: A semiclassical approach. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2003, No. 1, p. 020015). AIP Publishing.

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