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Country of origin: India Currently in: India, NAGPUR - MAHARASHTRA General field of specialization: Mathematical sciences
Academic Background


2016 Doctorate Mathematical sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Mathematical sciences

I am working in operation research field. and published 9 papers .8 papers in conferences.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1) “Optimum Solution to the Simplex Method -An Alternative Approach” in International
Journal of Latest Trends in Mathematics(IJLTM). Exceling-Tech Page No. 99 to 105 Vol.-2 No.3
Nov.2012. (E-ISSN-2049-2561PEER REVIEWED) (Mrs. N. V. Vaidya1 and N. W. Khobragade2)
2) Solution of Game Problems Using New Approach in International Journal of Engineering
and Innovative Technology (IJEIT)Volume 3, Issue 5, November 2013,Page No. 181-186
Impact Factor 1.895 . ISSN: 2277-3754 ISO 9001:2008 Certified (N. V. Vaidya1 , N. W.
3) Approximation algorithm for optimal solution to the linear programming problem, Int. J.
Mathematics in Operational Research,(IJMOR)ISSNONLINE-1757-5869-ISSNPRINT- 1757-
5850 Vol. 6, No. 2, 201 to 154.N. V. Vaidya1 , N. W. Khobragade2 Navneet K.
Lamba) Inderscience publishers.
4) Solving Game Problems Using a Quick Simplex Algorithm a New Method , Int J Latest
Trend Math, (IJLTM) (E-ISSN-2049-2561PEER REVIEWED) Vol-4 No 1 March, 2014,165-
182. (1Mrs.N. V. Vaidya, #2Dr. Mrs. N.N .kasturiwale)
5) Quick Simplex Algorithm for Optimal Solution to the Linear Programming Problem along with
Theoretical Proof of Formulae., Int. J Latest Trend Math, (IJLTM) (E-ISSN-2049- 2561PEER
REVIEWED) Vol-4 No 2 June, 2014,183-200. ( #1Mrs. N. V. Vaidya, #2Dr.Mrs. N.N
.kasturiwale) /
6) Comparision between various entering vector criteria with quick simplex algorithm for optimal
solution to the linear programming problem. International Journal of Mathematics and
Statistics Invention (IJMSI) E-ISSN: 2321 – 4767 P-ISSN: 2321 – 4759
Volume 2 Issue 6 || June. 2014 || PP-17-36 New Journal ( Mrs. N. V. Vaidya1 and Dr.Mrs.
N.N .kasturiwale2)
7) “Application of Quick Simplex Method (A new approach) On Two Phase Method” published
in Volume 15 Issue 4 [2016].British Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science.
2016/BJMCS/24440 ISSN: 2231- 0851 : Advanced OPEN peer review(SCIENCEDOMAIN
international) (Mrs. N. V. Vaidya1 and Dr.Mrs. N.N .kasturiwale2) IMPACT FACTOR 3.1

8) Application of Quick Simplex Method on the Dual Simplex Method (A New ) Journal of
Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science 24(5): 1-9, 2017; Article no.JAMCS.36357
ISSN2231-0851 Published: 26th September 2017 SCIENCEDOMAIN international)

9) Data Analytics of Social Networking sites using Game Theory Model International Journal of
Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) ISSN: 2249 – 8958, Volume-8 Issue-6S3,
September 2019 Satyajit S. Uparkar, Khushbu R. Asati, Prachi U. Sahahare, Nalini V. Vaidya

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Completed my Ph.D from Govt. Institute Of Science Nagpur.(Operation Research) Completed my Post-Graduation from Govt. Institute Of Science Nagpur with 63%aggregate. Branch: Statistics AUTHOR: APPLIED MATHEMATICS-II FOR SECOND SEM ENGG STUDENTS.(2015) REVIEWER : SCIENCEDOMAIN INTERNATIONAL PAPER SETTER /MODERATOR: GHRCE Nagpur, GHRCE Pune, GHRCE Amrawati YCCE Nagpur SUBJECT TAUGHT: B.E FIRST AND SECOND YEAR: Applied Mathematics I, Applied Mathematics II, Applied Mathematics III ,IV (ALL BRANCHES) M-TECH –(CIVIL)Transportation/Structural (Sem I ):Applied Statistics Computational Techniques and Optimization Technique M-TECH –ETRX / VLSI / ENVL Optimization Technique (Sem II)

Workshop and Conference Attended

2011 kolkotta 1) 5th International Conference on Mathematical Sciences for Advancement of Science and Technology(MSAST)-2011,organized by IMBIC,Kolkata on Dec.18-20, 2011 Title of the paper: “Alternative Solution to the Simplex Method” N.V.V

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